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Auk Movers bagged the position of top boat and yacht shipping company in Dubai through years of experience and dedicated yacht and boat shipping service. The company has its headquarters in Dubai with warehouses and offices in various geographical locations around the world. With a team of highly focused monitoring squad and specialists skilled in shipping boats and yachts from Dubai, we make it possible to ship your luxurious boats and yachts to your vacation spots or even for permanent relocation. Among the top boat shipping companies, Auk Movers holds an influential position with its top-notch performance.

We want to provide our clients with an experience of safe and efficient service compared to other yacht shipping companies. We want to make our clients satisfied with the reliability we offer and innovative ways we put forward to find solutions for even the most difficult tasks. With professionally customised logistics solutions, we provide quality services catering to each situation’s particular individual needs.

Shipping your leisure yacht overseas has to meet many requirements, the current location, the city of your choice as a destination and more. Movers-global is following international shipping norms to meet the needs of customers all around the world. The criteria and standards we follow also reflect the global conditions similar shipments follow.


  • Shipping across countries
  • Inland waterway shipping
  • Cradle fabrication
  • Container transportation
  • Float-on & float-off
  • Storage of goods
  • Assistance – Dockside
  • Dismantling of Tower
  • Water lift
  • Tarp & wrap service
  • Documentation and clearance from customs


We help you ship your boat to the destination site at the most affordable and promising rates available in Dubai. Our ultimate aim is to make our customer stress free and relaxed. Keeping this in mind, we plan the shipping of your boat to the area of your choice. The factors we consider include the yacht’s size, the time required for its safe transportation, the lowest possible chargeable rates, and the improvisations you prefer to add to your service from previous experience.

The boat shipping rates to the preferred destination depends considerably on the place you want it to be shipped. It may vary based on the time of the year, season – on and off period, the type of yacht or boat to be shipped, the size it holds, and policies regulating the boat shipping.


There are a few things you need to take care of the safe and secure transportation of your favorite yacht. It is an essential step as it helps you avoid any later confrontations or doubts regarding the handling and ensure the safe journey of shipping your boat overseas.

  • Make sure you check the boat thoroughly – for any previous damage or scratch. Keep the doors latched and seal any openings with tape. Lock all interior and exterior doors.
  • Share the yacht/boat specifications with us in advance to save space for your yacht without any delay.
  • Check the boat for any irregularities or paint scratch. Thoroughly examine and document with pictures of any already existing conditions.
  • Confirm you have not left any valuable personal items inside the cabinet. Your yacht is shipped on a carrier vessel – make sure you remove all your belongings from it.
  • Try to hand over the boat in the lightest way possible – without any fuel, closets flushed, no water anywhere inside to drain, anchors removed, and so on.
  • Switch off all the power connections and batteries inside.
  • Protect it with any covers available.
  • Make adequate requirements associated with weather forecasts.
  • In the case of wooden boats, linseed oil is the best remedy for wood drying up.


LOLO, especially suited for large yachts and boat vessels, is operated by a crane to handle RORO mode operations’ height constraints. The large cargo can be easily transported with LOLO mode shipping. Experts advise LOLO for winter season shipping with shrink wrapping to give the item safe and secure travel. With the shrink wrapping technique, the film’s heat can catalyze it tightly around the yacht or boat, making it less exposed to the harsh weather.


True to the name, the RORO boat shipping implements the boat rolled onto the ship’s deck, and at the destination, the same is rolled out. There is a particular requirement to meet in this type of boat shifting – the height of the boat should not exceed the limit of 4 meters, including any antennas. The RORO works just like a multi-level parking system. The shipping cargo looks wholly closed, and the yacht you plan to ship will not be exposed to the outside weather, which is a highlighted feature of RORO over the previously mentioned LOLO.


Semi submersible shipping is opted in cases where there is a requirement to ship unbelievably heavy items, say a ship or yacht. They are very long and have the power to carry tens and thousands of tonnes of weight on them with their load bearing part submerged in water. Auk Movers use this engineering marvel to carry exceptionally heavy and large loads to various parts of the world from Dubai.

Years of experience have contributed to transforming Auk Movers into one of the leading boat shipping companies in Dubai. We make sure you are comfortable throughout the shipping process of your valuable yacht. If you have any further questions about yacht delivery, feel free to dial our customer executive at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

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