Pet Relocation

Auk Movers realize the importance and requirements of every pet and make sure their necessities are met without fail. Our specialized transportation agents make sure the animal is comfortable and does not feel any trouble during the transportation.

We have been recognized as one of the top pet relocation teams in UAE with our outstanding services in association with the transportation of the pets. The way we handle them, take care of them, transport them, and finally deliver them to your doorstep, everything is unique and with customized pet requirement processes. Shipping a dachshund is different from that of a poodle. So are the fierce pitbull and labrador retriever. Every pet has their own specialties to be considered on planning to transport to another location. 

There are some customized procedures we follow for the safe travel of your pets, like making them individual craters or kennels, which are made in line with the height and width of the concerned pet. We make sure they have enough space inside to walk and sit freely without any congestion. We also provide toys for them to play and feel free throughout the journey. There is another concern regarding the temperature of the surrounding. We take precautions to facilitate the required temperature setting as preferred by the breed you want to transport.


  • Collar and tag 
  • Vaccinations
  • Health check ups
  • Permits validity


  • Import / Export permit
  • Import / Export health certificate

Along with this, the additional documents required by rules governing the destination point are also facilitated. 

We make sure your pet relocation goes hussle-free and without any complications. The whole documentation process will be completed by our representatives in consultation with the customers regarding the personal details. We make sure the records are intact, confidential and free of any errors.  


We value our customers very much. We expect to have a long-lasting relationship with our customers and want to see them with happy smiles. This has led us to give the top customer service to our clients. We run 24*7 dedicated pet relocation customer care centres to wipe out all sorts of queries from your mind regarding the relocation of your precious ones. We can assure you to provide them the top most care and security throughout the journey. We hope to make them feel free and comfortable in all the aspects related, be it health check up, clearance, or travel. 

Relocating your pets may seem overwhelming but we can assure you a smooth and secured relocation. We can assist you with any concerns or questions and if you have any further queries about pet relocation, feel free to contact our dedicated pet relocation specialists at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us: [email protected].


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