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Confused how to ship your cargo to a far off destination? Why should you take the pain of considering various shipment modes while Auk Movers are at your service to help you right from planning to the final implementation of shipping? Do not waste your precious time thinking about the conundrums associated while you should be thinking of expanding and implementing new business enterprises. You focus on your business and we will take good care of your logistics requirements.

At Auk Movers, we provide sea freight shipping services to most international seaports at diverse geographical locations on the map. If you want to ship a container to some very distant place and you are on a budget, the sea freight shipping will be the best solution in front of you. Among various sea freight companies, we own the top position with our unparalleled service reliability and customer satisfaction.

Over three-fourths of world’s cargo is shipped by sea freights and is considered a highly reliable service for its affordability. As the cargo vessel moves between the different ports, the customer will receive live tracking on their phones regarding the current position of the shipment as well as the next port in line.


True to the name, we cater the shipping needs of the global audience with greatest perfection and at very low base cost. All we want is to get the best deals for your shipment that needs to be met in a short time and to provide the customer a unique experience of shipping. We rely on our long-term customers for our business and your satisfaction is important for us to get going.


This question needs more specificity. Among the many factors, the most prominent one determining the time duration of a specific sea freight depends on the starting location and the destination port. It will be easier to sail from Dubai to Bahrain than sailing from Dubai to Portugal.

To get an estimated time of delivery, one should also have to know the schedule of the ship and the number of ports in the due course before the destination of your shipment. Also, the speed of the carrier vessel should be taken into account for the calculation of delivery time.


Both modes of transport are important and resourceful depending on the requirement and type of shipment you plan to deliver. If you are planning to ship some perishables, land freight will suit you better but if you have a shipment of say 100 Volkswagen cars to be delivered to the USA, then nothing but the sea freight suits you. Sea freight offers you shipment delivery of lower cost compared to other modes. Though it might take a longer time, if you happen to be on a budget, the perfect option will be to stick with sea freight.


There are many factors that determine the rates of sea freight. Usually they are considered multiplying the volume of the cargo intended to ship with the base rates charged by the shipping company, to which the other costs will be added up. The top ones will be mentioned below:

Volume of the cargo – this is dependent on the amount of items you plan to ship.
Fuel prices – as crude oil price per barrel decreases, the fuel price falls down.
Base rates – this is the charge the shipping company charges as the base cost.
Currency rates – with increase in international dollar prices, the rate of cargo delivery also shoots up.
Capacity – when the demand is high, the rates of shipping also increases.
Operational cost – include wages, infrastructure costs, insurance, etc.

Effective and efficient services make a difference in our shipment process compared to the other logistics companies. The items are shipped in vessels with modern equipment and technologies to facilitate GPS monitored location sharing at any particular time the customer wishes.

Packaging is done under the guidance and supervision of industry experts who thoroughly monitors each and every consignment individually. This helps to avoid any instances of improper package handling.

Regarding the shipment, there is consolidated packaging as well as individual personal packaging. In the former, the item will be shipped with other consignments and you will have to pay only for the space and weight you plan to ship. In the personal packaging, a particular space is allocated for you whether you use it or not but you will have to pay for the whole. Each has its own advantage like in the former lesser payment and in the latter, a special place to keep just the items you ship.


Know more about the benefits of preferring sea freights for shipping your goods. Before you decide the mode of your shipping it is always good to weigh the various options you have to make an informed decision.

Affordability of shipping: Compared to the other shipping modes such as air and land freights, sea freights are cheap and affordable for transporting heavy goods for far off locations.

Less maintenance cost: Since the water transport does not involve heavy infrastructure as in case of rail, road or air transport, the rates get reduced making it a perfect choice while in a budget.

Best choice for bulky goods: Sea transport is the ideal choice to transport heavy containers. For instance, over 20,000 automobile cars can be easily shipped from Dubai to Florida at a comparatively cheaper cost. Also, heavy duty items and such goods could be transported without any trouble by using sea freights.

Improve chances of higher forex: Trade with the clients in other countries is always beneficial to improve the foreign exchange reserves. So, by having clients in other geographical locations offer the prospect of higher business opportunities with exporting. This is highly backed by the sea freight logistics service for their ability to best transport the heavy weight shipments.

24*7 customer service: We offer the service of dedicated experts who can assist our valuable customers in tracking the shipment as well as guiding them through the process. 

Effective and efficient services make a difference in our shipment process compared to the other logistics companies. The items are shipped in vessels with modern equipment and technologies to facilitate GPS monitored location sharing at any particular time the customer wishes. Contact us to know more regarding sea freight at: +971 4 238 8070  or mail us at: [email protected].

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