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We ship Cars – from the classic vintage ones to the latest Rolls Royce Wraith – from Dubai to any part of the world you wish. Auk Movers have been in the car shipping service for over a decade with exceptional on-time delivery, safe and secure handling, smart paperwork, and comparatively cost-efficient rates. With years of experience and expertise, we ensure our service stands the quintessence in the car shipping industry.

The unparalleled service quality offered to the customers has secured Auk Movers the prestige of a top-ranking car shipping company in Dubai. We consider every stage critical in the car shipping process. Right from planning to execution, we offer our dedicated services to ship off your car from Dubai to the prefered place at affordable and reasonable rates.


Our process of shipping cars starts right from the moment you visit our site. You will be directed to submit some details regarding your transportation plan. This will be analyzed by our experts and they will come up with the free quote for the task. We provide quality service in the most affordable price range. Once the customer gets comfortable with our offer, the next stage is the documentation process. This will be done systematically by our document executives in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the shipping process.

After this stage, our team will collect your car and take it to the warehouse for secure packaging. This will ensure the safety of the car in handling and while it is in the transit. The mode of transport will be decided according to the requirement and once it reaches the destination, it will be safely delivered back to the customer. This is how the process of car shipping services is conducted.


Shipping a car overseas needs some documentation and paperwork as per the governmental guidelines. Auk Movers do these backend works on behalf of the customer for the swift transportation of the car. We employ dedicated specialists to carry out the process, who collects the information and documents from the customer and processes it.

For the individuals who wish to ship a car the requirements includes:

  • Export Certificate from RTA
  • Shipper’s Passport & Visa
  • Driving License
  • Vehicle license
  • UAE resident papers

In case if the automobile company is doing the shipping then the requirements involve:

  • Commercial invoice (regarding the sale)
  • Export certificate


The rate of shipping a car from Dubai depends on many factors namely the distance of shipping, size of the container, mode of shipping, and more. Among these, the distance of preferred destination from Dubai holds a substantial position in determining the rate of car shipping. Depending on the make and model of the car, the space it consumes on the carrier vessel varies and this is another element that adds to the cost of shipping.

Besides, the rates are also controlled by the import policy of the destination country. Those who keep their economy on closed lines might charge higher rates for the car shipped from Dubai, while those with an open economy will be more lenient towards the import. So, the rates are more or less centered on your choices. Auk Movers provide quality car shipping services at affordable rates to all major cities of the world in the least possible transit time.



The most preferred and fastest mode of car shipping from Dubai is air freight. Weight your priorities and choose the desired way of shipping. If time is an important element for your shipment, then there is no alternative for air freights. They help you save time in transportation and ensure faster delivery.

Even when the cost-effectiveness is on par with the other modes of shipping, air freight ensures faster and more reliable transportation facilities to almost all parts of the world. This mode gives immense importance to the time and gets your vehicle at the desired location in a much short time. Also, the lower insurance premium and less packaging needed can reduce the burden on your wallet considerably.


The top priority for shipping cars overseas via sea freight is their financial affordability. Though it takes time to reach the destination, transportation via blue waters is very affordable. Besides, sea freights are more preferred for bulky and oversized vehicles than air transport. Above all, the shipping of cars through sea freight allows you to choose dedicated containers, keeping cargo safe from any physical damages that might occur during the shipping process.

With the expanding need of logistics to nook and corner of the world, sea freight offers excellent service, delivering the vehicle at the nearest ports even at the remote islands. Shared containers are useful when you have more than one vehicle to ship to a particular location, or you can combine your shipment with other cars. Regarding the shared shipment, we have a highly personalised customer care centre to help you out.

The roll-on roll-off option is also available for the safe shipping of vehicles, which is the right choice for customers who have to transport heavy vehicles. The method is cost-effective and highly recommended if your car is in a condition fit for driving.


The mode is preferred for those destinations which are accessible through the road way from Dubai. So it can be considered only for the GCC and other connected countries, accessible from Dubai through road. A dedicated land truck, as well as multi-level car carriers, can be used. Choose the mode and particulars depending on the size and care you expect us to handle your wheels.

Land freights are usually considered a more secure transportation method. They help in door-to-door delivery of the items, making the delivery more flexible and customised. Even the remote not-so-developed areas can be covered with the land freights. The flexibility offered by shipping via land makes it a better choice in case of some unforeseen situation.


  • Proficient in cargo handling.
  • Offer cost-effective services.
  • No hidden charges on handling.
  • Consistent service over the years.
  • Highly appraised shipping track record.
  • Rated top reliable company by customers.
  • Various sized vehicles for multiple kinds of shipment.
  • Transportation centres at all popular cities to facilitate error-free car shipping from Dubai.

From luxury cars to the generations-old classic cars, we help you get your favourite car shipped to the destination you prefer.

Our team dedicatedly works to provide reliable carrier efficiency and improved accountability. We want to ensure the safety and security of every car shipping deal we undertake. The customer centre makes it a custom to let the valuable customer know their car’s whereabouts in transit.

If you have any further queries about car shipping, feel free to contact our dedicated logistics specialists at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

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