Land Freight

Inland transportation from Auk Movers facilitates end-to-end delivery solutions for both supply chain management and heavyweight cargo. Be it from a seaport or an airport, the shipment needs to reach the destination point, and we implement land freight for the last mile reach in every situation.

We take the responsibility of delivering door-to-door services, making the customer at ease throughout the shipping process. For this purpose, we make it compulsory to provide top quality destination shipment at every work we undertake. Land freights transfer the goods to the nearest warehouses, and from there, they take up the delivery process further.

Many roads lead to pave the way for final land transportation. Along with the cross border land transportation, the final delivery too integrates the inland movement. Be it air, sea, or rail, taking the shipment item to the customer needs the road service to cover the last-mile delivery. Taking into account unparalleled customer service, we have the ability for even most challenging delivery jobs.



Full truckload or FTL freight usually involves the entire container filled with the commodities usually homogenous or to single-point service. Truckload gets its smooth travel through the roads carrying inter-and intra-regional goods. This is faster and reaches the destination without any intermediate delivery points.


In less-than-truckload, the goods you send share the container space with other goods. This is less expensive, but the goods might be unloaded at many intermediate destinations leading to a higher risk of labour handling. Suppose you sent your cargo from Dubai to Riyadh through the land. There might be halts at warehouse centres in Abu Dhabi, Salwa and Al Hofuf before reaching the Riyadh delivery centre. This may cause a delay as well as the risk of handling.


This term most commonly denotes connecting the goods shipped by sea to the rail or road warehouse centres. It is usually a subordinate initiative to an ongoing logistics action for local, regional and long-distance transportation, joining the dots in an intermodal movement.


The concept denotes collecting all the shipment items from multiple shipping companies and sending them together instead of smaller packages sent separately. This helps reduce the cost associated with the shipping considerably and can be utilized even for the shipment of products from multiple manufacturing units.


There are occasions when the shipment needs a particular temperature for its survival and long shelf life. The transit can be facilitated in containers that can set the required temperature for the preferred period. Such containers help our customers send even perishables to a farther location without apprehensions.


Customs Clearance: It needs dedicated professionals who have in-depth knowledge of invoices and certificates required for the smooth clearance procedure. We intend to complete the customs clearance without any difficulty for our customers.

Documentation: We take away your burden of documenting the import and export papers with our specialized team’s help.

Expert Advice: In case you encounter confusion regarding any shipping, we have experts in our team who can guide you clear the issue.

Pays Customs Duty: On behalf of our customers, we pay the duty at borders, helping the customers to experience a smooth shipping process.

Cross Docking: In cases where faster delivery is requested, without storing in warehouses, the cargo is delivered directly.


Land freights of Auk Movers are exceptional in operation mode, and the quality of service offered. What are the top specialties of Auk Movers land freight? Read forward to know our unique features.


Affordability is a highlighted feature of our land transportation making our services accessible to everyone irrespective of budget. We intend to support you in shipping, and so we charge only affordable rates from our customers. Also, the road toll implemented at many places is relatively inexpensive, making land a better shipping option. An added advantage is that the last mile reach is also possible with land freights making it easier for door-to-door delivery service.


We help with uninterrupted supply chain transportation needs. Transportation of essentials has become a tiresome and time consuming process. With the implementation of sophisticated and dynamic logistics software tools, we have made the process a lot easier and affordable. If you ever have tried to truck an item, you would have felt the heat of the situation. So, we help you do the essentials transportation process at a faster and more comfortable manner.


We transport the shipments to the GCC countries and other land bordering countries in the middle east for more than a decade. Among our ever-expanding network, inland transportation services hold a substantial element of authority over other shipping companies for its efficiency and consistent track record. With top-notch performance and expertise, our distinguished services are sure to attract your attention. Our ability to meet the deadlines and estimated time frames have made our journey to the list of top shipping companies smooth and swift.


Whatever the achievement we grab for ourselves, nothing is complete without the ultimate customer satisfaction. We run a 24*7 customer care center that helps you get to know the status and position of your valuable goods at any point in time. This dedicated service has helped us gain our customers’ trust, as every query they had was met with the most acceptable and satisfactory answers from our team employees. The innovative and modern technologies integrated to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction have given us outstanding results in improving our shipping services.

We provide global logistics solutions in the middle-east and around the world in all prime city locations. Land freights are a mode of transportation which is reliable and safe, irrespective of climatic disturbances as against the situations of air and sea transport. Land transportation also offers more stability and flexibility to the delivery system, which can incorporate any unforeseen midway points for loading in or out of cargo. For any further assistance or information, kindly contact us: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

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