Every successful business is based on an abstract factor – Trust. It is the most important parameter to create a lasting impact and achieve long term business clients. The story of AUK Movers are no different. Right since our early days, we are focused to have transparency and reliability in each of our business services. Without a second thought we can say these values have been mechanical in bringing us to the top ranked shipping company in UAE. 

Long back, some experts in the logistics industry wanted to bring innovation to the normal shipping process followed around the world and that is how AUK Movers are born. They planned every stage and incorporated modern technologies into the shipping service, making it highly genuine and trustworthy. Across the rough weather and hard situations, those solid ideas brought new revolutions in the shipping industry, influencing the whole concept of shipping.  

Each day brought us new experiences, thus helping us polish our skills and expertise in diverse shipping services. We kept strict standards on our style of shipping – top quality, lesser transit time, and affordable rates. This made our services remain classy yet approachable for anyone planning to ship items. We made our signature in the shipping industry through strong and stable footprints in every project we handled. 

With years of experience, we implemented personalized customer relations, appropriate coordination with agents and our professional approach towards business. We are growing in a balanced and steady phase, creating impeccable track history in every stage of shipping, such as collection, packing, storage, logistics and relocation services with our various clients from different corners of the globe. We always maintain the quality of a top level international moving company in order to provide the uncompromised services for the customers at any time.


AUK Movers consider it the duty and responsibility of shipping companies to provide reliability to the services and guarantee the trust of customers. People choose consistent and trustworthy companies over others for the values they uphold. Our mission is to make the shipping process completely stress-free. Every project we undertake is dealt in such a way that our customers get the satisfaction with the shipment.


Keeping our long term customer relation, we intend to bring automation and artificial intelligence in the shipping industry, embracing new technologies to make revolutionary changes. Every step we make in the shipping industry, we hope to create a highly sophisticated shipping culture around the world in the coming years.