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Moving in a Hurry? 7 Tips for a Last Minute Move

  • August, 10 2021

Ideally speaking, you will have plenty of opportunities to plan for any moving that you need to make in any recent time. But what if you are in a hurry? What if you get to know the moving need just days before the actual move? This is the situation we have to discuss here.

Moving is of course a tedious business mixed with all sorts of hustle and bustle with even the simplest of the item raising hard challenges with the arranging process and struggle of packing the whole items into tiny cardboard boxes without any crack or break. It is of no wonder some even take three or four months to do these properly in the right way. In some rather unwelcoming cases, as we face in the real world, the need for moving comes up rather quickly and does not offer much time for the packup, leaving little to no time to get everything the way we wish.

Usually, there are two instances of moving we see around us. There is this situation where you do not have a great amount of action time since discovering the need to move and the actual move. There are the other kinds who pack everything weeks before the date set for the movers to come and pick the items. In one or the other case, sorting out some way to move rapidly is a need along with proper strategies. Here are six tips to take care while moving in a hurry.


A well prepared checklist can be your best friend in case of time constrained moving. In the beginning itself, make a list of items you need to pack and what are your most important items that need extra care. This list should be kept close to you throughout the packing process as it helps to keep yourself stick to the important ones. Checklist also helps you keep track of the progress you make at each stage of packing as well as not to skip or miss any item by error, leading to complications later.


A last minute information on moving can be quite a nasty surprise, thanks to the multitude of items you possess from years of settled life. You might feel it horrendous to pick everything at the last minute, troubling with what is necessary and what is not. It’s not something to be hyped for its difficulty level, by how much necessities to complete, yet as opposed to letting your moving tasks overpower you draining your energy at the mountainous task in front of you. Simply take a deep breath and start doing it from the side, you will surely reach a shore without late.

Your initial task is going to be either employing a moving team, depending on the level of professional help you might need with your move. You can even choose to do it yourself but that will definitely leave you crazy with all the items lying here and there. If you are using movers, choose a company you trust so that it would not leave in any bigger trouble than that you are currently in. You can either do the google search or can ask the help of some friends who have recently used any service from moving companies. The sooner you have the transportation of your shift figured out, the sooner you can get to prioritize with the other work you have.


The less you need to pack, the simpler the process will seem. With last minute moving plans, ease of handling and packing grabs the top importance. Watch every room of your apartment, cupboards, and even the small cabinets – take out the items you do not consider important and without a second thought, throw them into the dustbin. If you have some elements of compassion and social responsibility in your blood, then sort the items on the basis of three tags – donation, recycling, and the trash.

Be practical at this stage. There might be items you consider special, may by your 5 th birthday gift or something like that, do not let emotions overtake your sense of responsibility to move as early as possible. Also, it is more clever to move lightly as it will reduce your moving cost also. Resist that feeling to pack everything thinking you can discard them once you reach the new place. It is much easier to separate these goods before the actual moving process as it can save your time and energy for the matters that really need the attention.

Once the large heap of items are settled, get the trash out of your home. Keep the trash separate, move the recycling ones to the recycle centre, and give out your donations at the respective charity slots. You can donate almost anything provided they are in good usable condition. In case you have furniture or other large items you like to give out, you can contact some charity group and ask for their help. They might have a better idea to give those to the deserving and needy.


Before you begin with the sorting and arranging, keep a bag beside you to put the important ones safely without leading to placing it somewhere and finally ending up the item getting lost. Be it the medications, high priority documents, electrical chargers of phone and camera, storage items with huge volume of data, toiletries, essential cloths and the list goes unending. These are essentially important during a last minute move, when the items are likely to get misplaced with tiring packing schedules. Once these items are secured inside a bag, you can kick start the mega project of actual packing.


Packing in many cases has gone terribly long as we combine the whole planning concept to the packing. The task we have is to get all the items shifted from the current place to the destination and not the actual arrangement at the new place. Also, many indulge in putting the similar kind together making it more time consuming. Your motto should be ‘pack now, arrange later’. Do not worry about putting similar items together or having a special making for each box. Put things where they are, even if it means packing the beer glasses with the card games and the fairy light bulbs with the crockery set. As long as you have packed everything safely and securely, you can begin arranging when you are settled in your new home.

Set up boxes on the level of requirement of need. Keep your space as clear and manageable as possible by keeping the boxes as you get the things to put inside. Once a box is filled, secure it by some strong adhesives, take it out of the way, and set up a new one.

Pack clothes without funky folding or pressing. This can save a lot of time and boxes by packing up clothes in their original condition. Keep the closet drawers intact and simply take out each drawer and secure it in packing materials.


Moving is a major crossroad, especially when it needs to be completed rapidly, and it is absolutely okay to get some assistance with companions or family. But above all, get professional help. Having some to help you stay on target and focus on, as well as helping you in taking care of business quicker. Genuinely tedious errands like getting together your kitchen cupboards and getting things dropped off for gifts become altogether more straightforward when you have someone else. Try not to be hesitant to request help, however make certain to show appreciation by requesting a treat.


One of the large advantages of employing proficient movers is the help you get when things are truly last minute. Professionals can handle the items and goods rather fast and safely than the hands you have. They know what to put where. They have a knack to tackle the challenges that come their way without making a fuss about it. That is the reason they are called the professionals.

Moving is indeed a difficult process and things might seem really exhausting if you are moving under short notice. Make sure you follow some small tips like the ones mentioned above. They can considerably make the whole process simple and manageable. Take control of the situation and carve out easy ways to make the whole thing enjoyable with adequate help and the professional service from moving experts.