Dangerous Goods

Have dangerous goods to ship? Worried about the regulations, packaging and safe shipping? Well, you are at the right spot. We are Auk Movers, the leading shipping company based in UAE, with specialized service in shipping dangerous goods. 


Dangerous goods are those cargo items which may cause harm to the lives of people and animals, their health, or damage the environmental conditions. The major categories of dangerous good are namely:

  • Explosive substances
  • Toxic chemicals and infectious pathogens
  • Combustible solids 
  • Gases 
  • Materials with radioactivity 
  • Oxidizing agents
  • Corrosive materials
  • Combustible liquids 
  • Other dangerous goods

Transporting dangerous goods is a risky business and has to be done by specialized employees under the guidance of industry experts. The freights and cargo are required to be labelled and the safety precautions have to be taken in each of the shipping stange. There are fundamental and internationally approved specifications which need to be followed for safe handling of dangerous and hazardous goods. Even a slight alteration from these can cause great risk to many lives and environment. 


Auk Movers offers top-end storage, packaging, and shipping facilities for the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods. Integrating the specifications and challenges, our specialists design the procedures for every dangerous goods we ship with maximum safety. Being licensed and trained to ship such hazardous goods, we have clear superintendence in the shipping industry for our distinguished performance and assured service. 

Our top dangerous goods services include:

  • Consolidation of items
  • Labeling with precision
  • Sea, Air & Road modes for transportation
  • Expert packing & handling
  • Clearing and forwarding cargo
  • Legal documentation
  • Responsible shipping

Adequate precautions are taken in every step and great care is put in the whole process of transportation. Any chances of physical stress or adverse conditions are totally avoided to prevent damages and to ensure safety of goods and surroundings.


These are some important documents required for shipping dangerous goods. The top ones are as follows:

  • Document of compliance
  • List of dangerous goods in cargo
  • Declaration of dangerous goods
  • Emergency response  procedure guide
  • Cargo list report for port authorities
  • Stowage plan by chief officer
  • Container packing certificate

Proper packing and systematically regulated shipping has made the whole process of transporting dangerous goods, a successful venture of Auk Movers. Every undertaking is in accordance with the governmental guidelines and international standards. 


Expertise and experience are the best two words that describe the shipping service of Auk Movers. These qualities have given us an authoritative position in dangerous goods shipping. Get to know more about our style.

  • Dedicated professionals for each stage
  • Strict supervision and monitoring
  • Guidance by top industry specialists
  • Experience of over a decade
  • Periodic training session for workers
  • Updated technology usage for tracking
  • Highly adaptive employees 
  • Proactive work by each team

Do you have dangerous goods for transportation? We can help you resolve any situation related to the dangerous goods shipping. Get in touch with us on: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].