Can I send wine/alcohol or any other liquids in my baggage?

You cannot send any liquids in your baggage, as this will delay your shipment and cause unnecessary expense and aggravation for shipping companies. If you want to send a shipment of wine or any other form of liquid then it must be declared and packed professionally.

What is a groupage container?

In groupage container, your personal cargo will be stuffed along with other cargo. Once the container reaches its full volume of cargo, it will be shipped.

What is Excess Baggage?

Excess baggage can be defined as passenger luggage that exceeds the allowed limits of weight, size or pieces permitted to bring with you on your travel ticket. Limits vary by carrier and by ticket classes and inclusions.

Excess Baggage & Cargo


Being the best door to door cargo shipment company, Auk Movers has the perfect solution for your cargo shipping problems. The complete items could be shipped with us, be it small, medium, or oversized. Small packages usually are the excess baggage you cannot carry with you in the travel to your destination country. Trust us with your whole heart for we can offer the shipping solutions for such excess baggage. Handover the items you need to ship to our experts in the warehouse, who pack them into required cargo and ship the items safely and securely to the desired place. These will be sealed with your permission, which assures you the safety of items included inside.


We are capable of handling your requirements with the highest level of efficiency and ensure delivery in the lowest possible transit time. Choose our Express Air Cargo option for easily shipping your baggage to the destination at highly affordable rates. Our transit time is very competitive with the average in the industry making it highly economical to obtain such an excellent service at a very low delivery time. We make sure the destination country rules are all followed to avoid any complications. We care for you and your baggage and want to give you an amazing service experience. We have express cargo to most cities of Western Europe, North America, South Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and Australia.


We facilitate low-cost sea cargo towards various ports around the world. Our shipments move along the Persian gulf to deliver the items to other GCC countries, along the African coast of the Indian ocean, North American and South American coasts of the Atlantic ocean, and through the Panama canal, head to Australian coasts and delivers cargo along with the western and eastern pacific countries. Though the transit time is a bit on the higher side, the lower rates facilitate easy shipping available to common people. After all heavy cargo is better shipped via the sea freights for they are more secure and no issues of overweight arise.


We make it a criterion for the excess cargo to have a minimum of 50 kg weight. Usually, we do not practice accepting baggage with a weight less than this limit. We do consider both the weight and volume, and we take into account the one on the higher side to be charged as the weight of the baggage.


We calculate the volume weight of cargo by the following calculation method:

Multiply ( length by width by height ) in cm and divide it by 5000

Volume weight = (L* B * H) / 5000

Eg: Length = a cm

Width = b cm

Height = c cm

Volume weight ( in kg ) = (a*b*c) / 5000

The cargo at our warehouse will be checked for its dimensions and adequate steps will be chosen.


Auk Movers helps you throughout the process of your consignment packing and paperwork, from the initial quoting stage to final delivery at destination. Once the decision is made, the cargo will be sent after your confirmation is on and we make sure the best service is imparted to you however small or big your package be. We want each of our customers to feel the magical service quality we offer making each of our work outstanding and a model work for the cargo shipping industry.

Call us or email us to know the diverse product categories and cargo delivery modes we implement to provide you the best service available in the industry. Get in touch with our team as early as possible for safe excess baggage shipping.