What are the documents required for shipping?

The primary documents needed for international shipping from Dubai include a copy of the shipper’s passport, visa, destination details, and contact number. In the case of commercial shipping, the Commercial Invoice is also required.

International Relocation

Auk Movers offers you top-notch end-to-end shipping services among the various international relocation companies in Dubai. Being one of the top international relocators, we make sure you have a swift, smooth and effortless international moving experience. Right from packaging till the final delivery at your doorstep, we want everything to be perfect for you.

For the past eighteen years, we hold the prestige of being the premium moving company in Dubai. We convert your complicated, tiresome moving process into a pleasant experience with our creativity and unparalleled professionalism. We cater to a wide range of customers, meeting every requirement they put forward by our expertise and out of the box thinking process.


Make sure your budget does not provide a barrier to the smooth shipping you wish. We help you do a pre-move survey, which is conducted at Zero cost charge from you. Plan the packaging within your budget, and this survey can help you make informed decisions on what to and what not to take. Make sure none of the valuables are left behind, as it is an international relocation. Once the survey is over, we will offer the quote at a very reasonable and affordable rate based on the packaging volume.


We collect all the items needed to ship for an international relocation, and our expert specialists wrap these with great care. There might be breakable items, costly ones, and some with even great antique values. We want each of these to be in the safest and secure packaging. The work is done under an industry head’s supervision and tested for their quality of packaging. We do not afford any irregularity in our work as we have an excellent reputation of being the top international relocating company in Dubai.


Our shipments are transported with the most excellent care for its safe shipment. Once the carrier is sailed, we bring you updates on all the locations and current geographical areas to assure you of the safety of your product. Verification and clearance will be done at both the exporting and importing locations in concurrence with the particular region’s rules and regulations.

We offer door to door delivery for the products and make sure the customer has been given the most excellent service at every step of the process. We have a dedicated customer care service to cater to each and every query in your mind.


Besides the packaging list, we need to carry the hard copy of the customer’s passport, the visa, destination details, and finally the contact number. Our on-time delivery network gives you the best experience of transporting your items to the international locations in the lowest possible transit time.


Right from planning to final doorstep delivery, we make sure everything moves according to the plan and with absolutely no stressful episodes for our valuable clients. We use various modes of transportation – namely, air freights, sea freights, and land freights, for shipping purposes. We ship all kinds of luggage, be it excess baggage or pets, to heavyweight trailers, trucks, lorries, cars, delivery vans, and many more. We facilitate the transport of yacht, motorbikes, and luxury cars to our clients’ desired location.

We want to provide error-free and smooth transportation facilities utilizing our years of experience. Maximum cargo in minimum time is what we want to make possible, with negligible damages to the shipment. Be it downsizing or retirement, exploring new pastures of careers or ambitious promotions, do not worry about any of the shifting processes, for its now relatively easy and trouble-free to have the best service from the top international movers in Dubai.

International relocations are a matter of great patience and expertise to complete without any blemish on your reputation. In some cases, you might need to shift the whole physical fortune and imagine how difficult it would be to put all the dear things of a person into a few random boxes and ship them to a far off land? It might sound difficult, but that is why we are here. However hard it seems, we will always deliver you the best services, thanks to our years-long expertise.

We want you to experience the best service and get in touch with the best international relocation company in Dubai to ship your belongings in the best way possible. Also, we have a dedicated customer care service to cater to each and every query in your mind. Get in touch with our team at +971 4 238 8070 or write to us at: [email protected].

How are the prices determined?

The cost of international moving is usually calculated by the volume and weight of your shipment. Other charges included are destination port fees, custom inspection fees, delivery charges, packing material costs, and terminal handling charges, among others.

Is packing included in the price?

Yes. Packing charges are included in our quotation. Once we get confirmation from your side, our packing team arranges for collection of goods. The items are carefully packed and a list of items will be prepared for reference. 

How much CBM can fit in a 40 ft Container?

In a 40 ft container, maximum 55 CBM can be stuffed. If you have more than 30 CBM, then it is wiser to choose a 40 ft container. Also, the 40 ft high cube can carry up to 65 CBM.

Will you handle clearing and delivery at destination?

If it is a door-to-door service, we include the destination rates in our quote itself. Once ETA is declared, our destination agents will organize a pre-clearance and prepare the import documentation. When the inspection and paper works are over, the agent will transport the goods to the destination doorstep.