Project Shipment

Auk Movers is the most adaptable logistics company in UAE, working on track with the associated governmental guidance and regulations for the shipping process. We provide top-notch, tailor-made solutions to various project cargo requirements from Dubai to various locations in the world. The millions of products produced in these units need to be shipped to the various locations around the world for sale. The cargo can be of metal products, explosives, appliances, hardware, automobiles, lifestyle products, perishables, or anything. 

Every project cargo shipping company has their own policies and performance standards, so do Auk Movers. Every cargo shipped from its current location to a far off destination land has to be implemented based on a well-designed logistics plan. The course, storage, transportation and delivery stages have to follow a specific well-planned action for the swift running of every project. The smart and innovative logistics software technology we implement makes the project sail smoothly to the final destination.  

Auk Movers facilitate the delivery of diverse project cargo from the current location to the destination. The way of working is strictly in adherence with the rules and regulations of UAE, making each project get the best services in all different stages of processing. We make sure every project cargo shipping is completed in the estimated time itself and without any damage or disturbance to the whole project set up. 

The project items are securely collected and packed from its current industrial location and is prepared for the transportation by following its adequate guidelines. The automation is made such that each and every item is safe and securely packed and with customized measures. The requirement needed in each case is met individually and this ensures the ways of packaging are different for various kinds of items. 


We have dedicated services of air freight, sea freight, land freight, boat and yacht shipping, motorbike shipping, car shipping, roll on and roll off services, lift on and lift off services, float on and float off services, and so on. We make the choices available for our customers and they are given the expert advice and free quotation for the mode of transportation preferred. With the adequate information on hand, our customers can make informed decisions regarding the mode. This power of choice gives them the satisfaction of exercising control in the shipping project. The shipment will need the documents associated and these paper works will be completed by our executives with the details provided by our customers. 

With diverse cargo shipping services, we facilitate easy movement of shipment across the world. Our greatest assets are our customers and their satisfaction is our top priority. We take care of the needs of our customers through our specialized customer care center. Our executives are working at the centers to provide you information about the shipments, be it the location, estimated time, weather updates, or possible delivery details. We also encourage our customers to clarify their doubts regarding the related process and proceedings. 

Our top shipment includes raw material cargo, heavy lifts and machinery, huge pipes, automobiles such as car, motorcycle, boat/yacht, truck, tipper, lorry, delivery van, heavy pieces of sawn timber, logs, marble and granite blocks, containers with grains and cereals, and the list goes on. The cargo is a wide term to denote the various items from heavy machinery to light weight makeup sets. It generalized the shipment of items with a homogenous or heterogeneous nature. 

The cargo shipping is done from the place of manufacturing to the areas of distribution or in case of relocation from one industrial area to another. It also includes helping people relocate, sending their automobiles and other heavy weight items through shipping. In some shipping the cargoes are lifted by cranes and placed on the deck while in some, the automobiles and wheeled items are rolled on to the basement and kept there till they reach the destination. Once they reach the destination, the items are rolled off and taken to the warehouse, which is later delivered to the doorstep of the customer. 


The projects are always handled with great care and attention. Every item is different and needs various approaches to handle. We follow the requirements and provide the service quality higher than the  expected industry standards. 

Our specialist technicians give attention to even minute detailing, thus helping our customers with high-quality, error-free service. Our employees are proactive, making the shipping and delivery process highly personalized. We make sure ultimate customer satisfaction is provided in every project we handle. Efficient work and effective service has made us reach the top ranking logistics company in UAE.

Get in touch with us to know more about the project cargo services offered at: +971 4 238 8070 or drop us a mail: [email protected].