What are the Loading & unloading process in Warehousing?

The processes in the unloading service include checking, un-loading, arranging, sealing, and storage of products; whereas for the loading service, the steps are processing the delivery order, picking, sealing, loading, and checking the load on the truck.


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Be it household items, furniture, books, work tools, or even your commercial items for sale, we make sure every requirement is met in the most appropriate manner. We are situated in the heartland making the place accessible to everyone in the Emirates. Simply contact us stating your requirement and whatever it is you are planning to store, we make it possible without trouble. 


Storage spaces at low cost is an advantage to any product-based business enterprise. The closer it is, the lower the transportation cost. With a strategic location in Dubai, our storehouses serve best to any business enterprise or individual looking for space. Get to know the various services we offer in detail


If you have the need to keep your products safe and securely, our storage space can be of great help to you. Be it for a small specified time or a for a longer period, the space will be available. Also, you can stock the excess items at our space to keep it safe and without frequent transportation charges. 


Even if you have company space to keep your items and stuff, do not spend the whole area on stocking. Rather, clean up the area, bring freshness to the place and store the items at our place at low rates. 


If you are a person who travels a lot and only needs some space to keep your personal stuff, you are most welcome to Auk Movers storage services. It could be furniture, books, valuable cutlery, or your favourite blu-ray collection, everything will be safe in our space. Do not spend money on costly apartments just to keep your stuff. Save that money and start planning for your next trip. 


Suppose, you need to stay out of the UAE for a year. You cannot afford the apartment for so long without actually staying and so you left it. What will you do with the furniture till you come back? We have the perfect solution for you. Keep your things – your comfy bean bag, the adorable bookshelf, priceless sofa set and all –  at our storage space, without fear of getting lost. We will keep them safe till you are back. 


For over a decade, we are in the shipping business with an aim of providing quality service at affordable rates. Similarly, with our storage space / warehouse service, we intend to make things easier for individuals as well as businesses. 

  • Perfect solution for storage needs.
  • Lending at affordable rates.
  • Meet commercial and personal storage needs.
  • Assured Convenience.
  • Safety and security.
  • Suitable packaging done for items.
  • Availability of insurance.
  • Low transportation rates to anywhere in UAE.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with Auk Movers to know more about our storage and warehousing services. Call us at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].