Does my motorcycle need to be in a crate?

Yes it does. Your motorcycle will be shipped in a shared container, so it is important to pack it in a secure crate as there are other items packed and placed beside it.

By what time should the item be handed over?

Ideally, it is preferred to handover the motorcycle at least a week before the sailing date to complete the necessary customs formalities. The motorcycle needs to be at our depot 6-7 days prior to the sailing date.

How is my motorcycle transported?

Your motorcycle is transported in a fully enclosed carrier, providing maximum protection during transit. Motorcycle will be carefully secured onto a pallet and strapped down using soft straps. It will be then loaded onto the carrier and headed to the destination.

Motorcycle Shipping

Every shipping project is important to us!!!

Auk Movers, being the top motorcycle shipping company, handles every project with unparalleled quality and highest priority. We intend to provide innovative, top-notch shipping service to our customers, with our on-time delivery, cost effective rates, secure packaging and safe handling.

We provide customized motorcycle shipping from Dubai to any location around the globe, based on your vehicle specifications and choice of transportation mode. With cutting edge technologies simplifying the shipping process each day, we make sure you have a smooth motorcycle shipping experience with our services.


Air Freight: The mode provides the motorcycle delivery in the least transit time available. We offer the service to any place in the world at cost efficient rates. The crates of motorcycles will be taken with the air cargo and securely delivered at the nearest port of destination.

Sea Freight: The mode offers the cheapest motorbike shipping service among all the three. With the spacious basement below the deck, the motorbike crates will have enough space to facilitate the safe transportation of motorbike.

Land Freight: The best mode for cross border transportation and to reach last mile delivery services in remote areas. The trucks, delivery vans and such large container holding vehicles will be used for the land transport.


It depends on the motorcycle model, the kind of protection it needs to ensure safety during its travel, the distance it needs to travel, and the rates applicable in the destination country. An interesting thing about the Auk Movers is that they communicate the charges clearly at the beginning of the shipping process. It can save you unnecessary money loss from hidden costs and is a highlighted feature of Auk Movers over other motorcycle shipping companies in Dubai.


Being the top motorcycle shipping company in Dubai is a pride recognition as well as a responsibility. We take utmost care in delivering your vehicles in their best conditions, eliminating even the possibility of a minute scratch.


  • High-speed delivery of motorcycles at the desired destination.
  • Door-to-door or Door-to-port delivery services offered.
  • The perfect working condition of the shipped motorbike.
  • Tailor-fit motorcycle crates for the safety of motorbike.
  • No disassembly of the motorbike.
  • Ready-to-drive state ensured on delivery.


We want to deliver your motorcycle in perfect condition. So, we use custom-build motorcycle crates taking into account the dimensions of your motorbike. We make the crates so that it fits your motorcycle properly without any difficulty and provides maximum protection to the motorcycle inside. The container will be sturdy and provided with crate braces to add strength to the structure.

There will be a window provided on the crate’s side, which helps the customs check the chassis number/engine number of the motorcycle inside. It helps to avoid any complications with the authorities regarding the motorcycle shipping from Dubai.


When you are shipping your favorite motorbike, it is quite natural for you to have concerns regarding the vehicle’s safety. Since we are a licensed and insured shipping company in Dubai, we assure you to deliver the motorcycle without any damage and proper working conditions at your desired destination.

We have a dedicated customer care team working 24*7 to take care of every apprehension you have regarding your favorite motorbike’s tracking and security. Get in touch for any such concerns and get the air cleared of any pending doubts.


For your vehicle’s safety, keep these simple things in mind while planning to ship your motorcycle from Dubai.

  • Keep the motorcycle clean – can help to identify any unseen scratch or blemish.
  • Conduct a thorough check – if all parts are working correctly.
  • Do not drain the entire fuel – leave a quarter in the tank.
  • Tighten the loose screws and parts – do not take any chance of losing the pieces.
  • Check the pressure in both tires – make sure inflation is to the right amount.
  • Remove any personal items – check the saddlebags and attached boxes for any personal belongings.
  • Note any special handling care – if your motorcycle needs any particular mode of handling, write it down and hand it over to the shipping team.

Being accountable to the customers, we make the motorcycle shipping process happen without any room for errors. We ensure our customers can always track their vehicles while they are in transit and get to know the location whenever they wish. If you plan to ship your motorcycle any time soon, contact us for smooth and swift shipping. Get in touch with our specialists at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].