RO – RO Export/Import

Roll on and Roll off is a unique way of shipping heavy automobiles such as cars, trucks, lorries, trucks, or delivery vans from one location to another. Among the other ways of shipping, RO/RO stands a bit different due to its mode of transport.

While air, rail, road, and sea focus on packaging of items to be shipped, RO/RO relies on just driving the vehicle on to the ship and keeping it strapped on it. You heard it right. No packaging, no prepping, nothing!!!

Roll on and Roll off, just like the name indicates, involves the vehicle placed below the deck in a way a car is parked on a multi level parking lot. Since the vehicles are kept below the deck, they are not exposed to the weather conditions.

RO/RO is highly implemented in both importing and exporting of the automobiles over considerable distance. An added attraction is that it is a cost effective way of automobile shipping as a huge number of vehicles are transported together in a single journey. Most top automobile manufacturers use this method to transport their vehicles to different continents in a cost effective way.

Heavy and high machinery are also transported by RO/RO shipping. In regions where land shipping is not possible, most kinds of shipping is carried out by RO/RO. Roll on and roll off shipping mode is the most dependable shipping method in island countries. The mode promotes the accessibility as well as affordability of shipping in the remote geographical locations.

Roll on and Roll off are specially designed for oversized, wheeled cargo. It can be literally called floating garages for they pack the vehicles on different levels, beneath the deck and move from port to port rolling out the lot. The mode is also considered safe for their successful track record and trusted safety precautions. An important aspect to keep in mind while using Roll on and Roll off shipping mode is to book the slots in advance, depending on the number of vehicles you want to ship. The pre-booking should be considered as the slots will be limited in RO/RO, be it 20000 or 30000, and once it gets filled, it will be difficult for you to transport the vehicle on the required date.


The huge ship with extra wide multi level basement is the highlight of RO/RO service. The cars or trucks, whatever is the intended vehicle to be shipped, is rolled on its wheels to the basement through a ramp attached to the ship from the port. The key will be kept on its ignition, ready to be turned on in case they need to move to a different slot. The vehicles are kept with a strap to the ground to avoid any movement. In this way many levels of vehicles will be set up, just like a multi level car parking garage. The ship moves towards the destination stopping at intermediate ports delivering the vehicles at required areas.

The Roll on and Roll off services are not limited to just vehicles but also carry heavy machinery, army tanks, and such bulky sized items to the destination places. It may have fragile materials, dangerous goods, parcel freights, and heavy international packages. Movers-global make these jobs carried out in ease without putting much effort on your shoulders. We take care of the whole process, right from the door collecting your vehicle or goods, whatever it is intended to transport, and take forward the transportation process step by step, with adequate care and safety in each stage.

Our range of operations are so wide that you can trust us with anything to transport across another location. Each journey we try to transport the shipment in the least possible transit time, making your valuable shipment reach the destination on time.


Every mode of shipping has its pros and benefits over another. How well we analyze the various aspects of the modus operandi of a particular shipment mode gives you the opportunity to choose which one suits your needs better.

High levels of efficiency: Roll on and Roll off shipping services have great loading and unloading efficiency, which uses ramps that can make the process more swift and smooth. It also helps to relieve the duty of the workforce as well as the docking time spent at each port. Since the service integrates the land and water transportation, it makes the operations move faster.

Does not use lifting equipments: Unlike other modes of transportation, RO/RO does not need any kind of extra equipments. Rather, the implementation of ramps are followed for the wheeled vehicles and goods to enter the basement without further extra effort.

Pricing: Considering the benefits of Roll on and Roll off shipping, the price is affordable for the diverse requirements put forward by the customers. The highlight of reduced time and improved convenience has made this an excellent choice for the transportation of wheeled goods and heavy vehicles.

Preparation convenience: The vehicles are rolled on to the basement and do not need to be carried by labourers or heavy machinery. This uses a simple ramp to get the vehicle on the basement and is very convenient to get the preparation done for the shipping.

Auk Movers make shipping by Roll on and Roll off service an easy and pain free task for the customers. With improved efficiency and great usage experience, we have turned out to be a dependable shipping company for thousands of trusted customers. Get in touch with us to know more on how to ship your vehicles and goods at affordable rates.