International Relocation

Auk Movers offers you top-notch end-to-end shipping services among the various international relocation companies in Dubai. Being one of the top international relocators, we make sure you have a swift, smooth and effortless international moving experience. Right from packaging till the final delivery at your doorstep, we want everything to be perfect for you.

For the past eighteen years, we hold the prestige of being the premium moving company in Dubai. We convert your complicated, tiresome moving process into a pleasant experience with our creativity and unparalleled professionalism. We cater to a wide range of customers, meeting every requirement they put forward by our expertise and out of the box thinking process.


Make sure your budget does not provide a barrier to the smooth shipping you wish. We help you do a pre-move survey, which is conducted at Zero cost charge from you. Plan the packaging within your budget, and this survey can help you make informed decisions on what to and what not to take. Make sure none of the valuables are left behind, as it is an international relocation. Once the survey is over, we will offer the quote at a very reasonable and affordable rate based on the packaging volume.


We collect all the items needed to ship for an international relocation, and our expert specialists wrap these with great care. There might be breakable items, costly ones, and some with even great antique values. We want each of these to be in the safest and secure packaging. The work is done under an industry head’s supervision and tested for their quality of packaging. We do not afford any irregularity in our work as we have an excellent reputation of being the top international relocating company in Dubai.


Our shipments are transported with the most excellent care for its safe shipment. Once the carrier is sailed, we bring you updates on all the locations and current geographical areas to assure you of the safety of your product. Verification and clearance will be done at both the exporting and importing locations in concurrence with the particular region’s rules and regulations.

We offer door to door delivery for the products and make sure the customer has been given the most excellent service at every step of the process. We have a dedicated customer care service to cater to each and every query in your mind.


Besides the packaging list, we need to carry the hard copy of the customer’s passport, the visa, destination details, and finally the contact number. Our on-time delivery network gives you the best experience of transporting your items to the international locations in the lowest possible transit time.


Right from planning to final doorstep delivery, we make sure everything moves according to the plan and with absolutely no stressful episodes for our valuable clients. We use various modes of transportation – namely, air freights, sea freights, and land freights, for shipping purposes. We ship all kinds of luggage, be it excess baggage or pets, to heavyweight trailers, trucks, lorries, cars, delivery vans, and many more. We facilitate the transport of yacht, motorbikes, and luxury cars to our clients’ desired location.

We want to provide error-free and smooth transportation facilities utilizing our years of experience. Maximum cargo in minimum time is what we want to make possible, with negligible damages to the shipment. Be it downsizing or retirement, exploring new pastures of careers or ambitious promotions, do not worry about any of the shifting processes, for its now relatively easy and trouble-free to have the best service from the top international movers in Dubai.

International relocations are a matter of great patience and expertise to complete without any blemish on your reputation. In some cases, you might need to shift the whole physical fortune and imagine how difficult it would be to put all the dear things of a person into a few random boxes and ship them to a far off land? It might sound difficult, but that is why we are here. However hard it seems, we will always deliver you the best services, thanks to our years-long expertise.

We want you to experience the best service and get in touch with the best international relocation company in Dubai to ship your belongings in the best way possible. Also, we have a dedicated customer care service to cater to each and every query in your mind. Get in touch with our team at +971 4 238 8070 or write to us at: [email protected].

Car Shipping

We ship Cars – from the classic vintage ones to the latest Rolls Royce Wraith – from Dubai to any part of the world you wish. Auk Movers have been in the car shipping service for over a decade with exceptional on-time delivery, safe and secure handling, smart paperwork, and comparatively cost-efficient rates. With years of experience and expertise, we ensure our service stands the quintessence in the car shipping industry.

The unparalleled service quality offered to the customers has secured Auk Movers the prestige of a top-ranking car shipping company in Dubai. We consider every stage critical in the car shipping process. Right from planning to execution, we offer our dedicated services to ship off your car from Dubai to the prefered place at affordable and reasonable rates.


Our process of shipping cars starts right from the moment you visit our site. You will be directed to submit some details regarding your transportation plan. This will be analyzed by our experts and they will come up with the free quote for the task. We provide quality service in the most affordable price range. Once the customer gets comfortable with our offer, the next stage is the documentation process. This will be done systematically by our document executives in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the shipping process.

After this stage, our team will collect your car and take it to the warehouse for secure packaging. This will ensure the safety of the car in handling and while it is in the transit. The mode of transport will be decided according to the requirement and once it reaches the destination, it will be safely delivered back to the customer. This is how the process of car shipping services is conducted.


Shipping a car overseas needs some documentation and paperwork as per the governmental guidelines. Auk Movers do these backend works on behalf of the customer for the swift transportation of the car. We employ dedicated specialists to carry out the process, who collects the information and documents from the customer and processes it.

For the individuals who wish to ship a car the requirements includes:

  • Export Certificate from RTA
  • Shipper’s Passport & Visa
  • Driving License
  • Vehicle license
  • UAE resident papers

In case if the automobile company is doing the shipping then the requirements involve:

  • Commercial invoice (regarding the sale)
  • Export certificate


The rate of shipping a car from Dubai depends on many factors namely the distance of shipping, size of the container, mode of shipping, and more. Among these, the distance of preferred destination from Dubai holds a substantial position in determining the rate of car shipping. Depending on the make and model of the car, the space it consumes on the carrier vessel varies and this is another element that adds to the cost of shipping.

Besides, the rates are also controlled by the import policy of the destination country. Those who keep their economy on closed lines might charge higher rates for the car shipped from Dubai, while those with an open economy will be more lenient towards the import. So, the rates are more or less centered on your choices. Auk Movers provide quality car shipping services at affordable rates to all major cities of the world in the least possible transit time.



The most preferred and fastest mode of car shipping from Dubai is air freight. Weight your priorities and choose the desired way of shipping. If time is an important element for your shipment, then there is no alternative for air freights. They help you save time in transportation and ensure faster delivery.

Even when the cost-effectiveness is on par with the other modes of shipping, air freight ensures faster and more reliable transportation facilities to almost all parts of the world. This mode gives immense importance to the time and gets your vehicle at the desired location in a much short time. Also, the lower insurance premium and less packaging needed can reduce the burden on your wallet considerably.


The top priority for shipping cars overseas via sea freight is their financial affordability. Though it takes time to reach the destination, transportation via blue waters is very affordable. Besides, sea freights are more preferred for bulky and oversized vehicles than air transport. Above all, the shipping of cars through sea freight allows you to choose dedicated containers, keeping cargo safe from any physical damages that might occur during the shipping process.

With the expanding need of logistics to nook and corner of the world, sea freight offers excellent service, delivering the vehicle at the nearest ports even at the remote islands. Shared containers are useful when you have more than one vehicle to ship to a particular location, or you can combine your shipment with other cars. Regarding the shared shipment, we have a highly personalised customer care centre to help you out.

The roll-on roll-off option is also available for the safe shipping of vehicles, which is the right choice for customers who have to transport heavy vehicles. The method is cost-effective and highly recommended if your car is in a condition fit for driving.


The mode is preferred for those destinations which are accessible through the road way from Dubai. So it can be considered only for the GCC and other connected countries, accessible from Dubai through road. A dedicated land truck, as well as multi-level car carriers, can be used. Choose the mode and particulars depending on the size and care you expect us to handle your wheels.

Land freights are usually considered a more secure transportation method. They help in door-to-door delivery of the items, making the delivery more flexible and customised. Even the remote not-so-developed areas can be covered with the land freights. The flexibility offered by shipping via land makes it a better choice in case of some unforeseen situation.


  • Proficient in cargo handling.
  • Offer cost-effective services.
  • No hidden charges on handling.
  • Consistent service over the years.
  • Highly appraised shipping track record.
  • Rated top reliable company by customers.
  • Various sized vehicles for multiple kinds of shipment.
  • Transportation centres at all popular cities to facilitate error-free car shipping from Dubai.

From luxury cars to the generations-old classic cars, we help you get your favourite car shipped to the destination you prefer.

Our team dedicatedly works to provide reliable carrier efficiency and improved accountability. We want to ensure the safety and security of every car shipping deal we undertake. The customer centre makes it a custom to let the valuable customer know their car’s whereabouts in transit.

If you have any further queries about car shipping, feel free to contact our dedicated logistics specialists at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

Motorcycle Shipping

Every shipping project is important to us!!!

Auk Movers, being the top motorcycle shipping company, handles every project with unparalleled quality and highest priority. We intend to provide innovative, top-notch shipping service to our customers, with our on-time delivery, cost effective rates, secure packaging and safe handling.

We provide customized motorcycle shipping from Dubai to any location around the globe, based on your vehicle specifications and choice of transportation mode. With cutting edge technologies simplifying the shipping process each day, we make sure you have a smooth motorcycle shipping experience with our services.


Air Freight: The mode provides the motorcycle delivery in the least transit time available. We offer the service to any place in the world at cost efficient rates. The crates of motorcycles will be taken with the air cargo and securely delivered at the nearest port of destination.

Sea Freight: The mode offers the cheapest motorbike shipping service among all the three. With the spacious basement below the deck, the motorbike crates will have enough space to facilitate the safe transportation of motorbike.

Land Freight: The best mode for cross border transportation and to reach last mile delivery services in remote areas. The trucks, delivery vans and such large container holding vehicles will be used for the land transport.


It depends on the motorcycle model, the kind of protection it needs to ensure safety during its travel, the distance it needs to travel, and the rates applicable in the destination country. An interesting thing about the Auk Movers is that they communicate the charges clearly at the beginning of the shipping process. It can save you unnecessary money loss from hidden costs and is a highlighted feature of Auk Movers over other motorcycle shipping companies in Dubai.


Being the top motorcycle shipping company in Dubai is a pride recognition as well as a responsibility. We take utmost care in delivering your vehicles in their best conditions, eliminating even the possibility of a minute scratch.


  • High-speed delivery of motorcycles at the desired destination.
  • Door-to-door or Door-to-port delivery services offered.
  • The perfect working condition of the shipped motorbike.
  • Tailor-fit motorcycle crates for the safety of motorbike.
  • No disassembly of the motorbike.
  • Ready-to-drive state ensured on delivery.


We want to deliver your motorcycle in perfect condition. So, we use custom-build motorcycle crates taking into account the dimensions of your motorbike. We make the crates so that it fits your motorcycle properly without any difficulty and provides maximum protection to the motorcycle inside. The container will be sturdy and provided with crate braces to add strength to the structure.

There will be a window provided on the crate’s side, which helps the customs check the chassis number/engine number of the motorcycle inside. It helps to avoid any complications with the authorities regarding the motorcycle shipping from Dubai.


When you are shipping your favorite motorbike, it is quite natural for you to have concerns regarding the vehicle’s safety. Since we are a licensed and insured shipping company in Dubai, we assure you to deliver the motorcycle without any damage and proper working conditions at your desired destination.

We have a dedicated customer care team working 24*7 to take care of every apprehension you have regarding your favorite motorbike’s tracking and security. Get in touch for any such concerns and get the air cleared of any pending doubts.


For your vehicle’s safety, keep these simple things in mind while planning to ship your motorcycle from Dubai.

  • Keep the motorcycle clean – can help to identify any unseen scratch or blemish.
  • Conduct a thorough check – if all parts are working correctly.
  • Do not drain the entire fuel – leave a quarter in the tank.
  • Tighten the loose screws and parts – do not take any chance of losing the pieces.
  • Check the pressure in both tires – make sure inflation is to the right amount.
  • Remove any personal items – check the saddlebags and attached boxes for any personal belongings.
  • Note any special handling care – if your motorcycle needs any particular mode of handling, write it down and hand it over to the shipping team.

Being accountable to the customers, we make the motorcycle shipping process happen without any room for errors. We ensure our customers can always track their vehicles while they are in transit and get to know the location whenever they wish. If you plan to ship your motorcycle any time soon, contact us for smooth and swift shipping. Get in touch with our specialists at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

Boat and Yacht Shipping

Auk Movers bagged the position of top boat and yacht shipping company in Dubai through years of experience and dedicated yacht and boat shipping service. The company has its headquarters in Dubai with warehouses and offices in various geographical locations around the world. With a team of highly focused monitoring squad and specialists skilled in shipping boats and yachts from Dubai, we make it possible to ship your luxurious boats and yachts to your vacation spots or even for permanent relocation. Among the top boat shipping companies, Auk Movers holds an influential position with its top-notch performance.

We want to provide our clients with an experience of safe and efficient service compared to other yacht shipping companies. We want to make our clients satisfied with the reliability we offer and innovative ways we put forward to find solutions for even the most difficult tasks. With professionally customised logistics solutions, we provide quality services catering to each situation’s particular individual needs.

Shipping your leisure yacht overseas has to meet many requirements, the current location, the city of your choice as a destination and more. Movers-global is following international shipping norms to meet the needs of customers all around the world. The criteria and standards we follow also reflect the global conditions similar shipments follow.


  • Shipping across countries
  • Inland waterway shipping
  • Cradle fabrication
  • Container transportation
  • Float-on & float-off
  • Storage of goods
  • Assistance – Dockside
  • Dismantling of Tower
  • Water lift
  • Tarp & wrap service
  • Documentation and clearance from customs


We help you ship your boat to the destination site at the most affordable and promising rates available in Dubai. Our ultimate aim is to make our customer stress free and relaxed. Keeping this in mind, we plan the shipping of your boat to the area of your choice. The factors we consider include the yacht’s size, the time required for its safe transportation, the lowest possible chargeable rates, and the improvisations you prefer to add to your service from previous experience.

The boat shipping rates to the preferred destination depends considerably on the place you want it to be shipped. It may vary based on the time of the year, season – on and off period, the type of yacht or boat to be shipped, the size it holds, and policies regulating the boat shipping.


There are a few things you need to take care of the safe and secure transportation of your favorite yacht. It is an essential step as it helps you avoid any later confrontations or doubts regarding the handling and ensure the safe journey of shipping your boat overseas.

  • Make sure you check the boat thoroughly – for any previous damage or scratch. Keep the doors latched and seal any openings with tape. Lock all interior and exterior doors.
  • Share the yacht/boat specifications with us in advance to save space for your yacht without any delay.
  • Check the boat for any irregularities or paint scratch. Thoroughly examine and document with pictures of any already existing conditions.
  • Confirm you have not left any valuable personal items inside the cabinet. Your yacht is shipped on a carrier vessel – make sure you remove all your belongings from it.
  • Try to hand over the boat in the lightest way possible – without any fuel, closets flushed, no water anywhere inside to drain, anchors removed, and so on.
  • Switch off all the power connections and batteries inside.
  • Protect it with any covers available.
  • Make adequate requirements associated with weather forecasts.
  • In the case of wooden boats, linseed oil is the best remedy for wood drying up.


LOLO, especially suited for large yachts and boat vessels, is operated by a crane to handle RORO mode operations’ height constraints. The large cargo can be easily transported with LOLO mode shipping. Experts advise LOLO for winter season shipping with shrink wrapping to give the item safe and secure travel. With the shrink wrapping technique, the film’s heat can catalyze it tightly around the yacht or boat, making it less exposed to the harsh weather.


True to the name, the RORO boat shipping implements the boat rolled onto the ship’s deck, and at the destination, the same is rolled out. There is a particular requirement to meet in this type of boat shifting – the height of the boat should not exceed the limit of 4 meters, including any antennas. The RORO works just like a multi-level parking system. The shipping cargo looks wholly closed, and the yacht you plan to ship will not be exposed to the outside weather, which is a highlighted feature of RORO over the previously mentioned LOLO.


Semi submersible shipping is opted in cases where there is a requirement to ship unbelievably heavy items, say a ship or yacht. They are very long and have the power to carry tens and thousands of tonnes of weight on them with their load bearing part submerged in water. Auk Movers use this engineering marvel to carry exceptionally heavy and large loads to various parts of the world from Dubai.

Years of experience have contributed to transforming Auk Movers into one of the leading boat shipping companies in Dubai. We make sure you are comfortable throughout the shipping process of your valuable yacht. If you have any further questions about yacht delivery, feel free to dial our customer executive at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

Excess Baggage & Cargo


Being the best door to door cargo shipment company, Auk Movers has the perfect solution for your cargo shipping problems. The complete items could be shipped with us, be it small, medium, or oversized. Small packages usually are the excess baggage you cannot carry with you in the travel to your destination country. Trust us with your whole heart for we can offer the shipping solutions for such excess baggage. Handover the items you need to ship to our experts in the warehouse, who pack them into required cargo and ship the items safely and securely to the desired place. These will be sealed with your permission, which assures you the safety of items included inside.


We are capable of handling your requirements with the highest level of efficiency and ensure delivery in the lowest possible transit time. Choose our Express Air Cargo option for easily shipping your baggage to the destination at highly affordable rates. Our transit time is very competitive with the average in the industry making it highly economical to obtain such an excellent service at a very low delivery time. We make sure the destination country rules are all followed to avoid any complications. We care for you and your baggage and want to give you an amazing service experience. We have express cargo to most cities of Western Europe, North America, South Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and Australia.


We facilitate low-cost sea cargo towards various ports around the world. Our shipments move along the Persian gulf to deliver the items to other GCC countries, along the African coast of the Indian ocean, North American and South American coasts of the Atlantic ocean, and through the Panama canal, head to Australian coasts and delivers cargo along with the western and eastern pacific countries. Though the transit time is a bit on the higher side, the lower rates facilitate easy shipping available to common people. After all heavy cargo is better shipped via the sea freights for they are more secure and no issues of overweight arise.


We make it a criterion for the excess cargo to have a minimum of 50 kg weight. Usually, we do not practice accepting baggage with a weight less than this limit. We do consider both the weight and volume, and we take into account the one on the higher side to be charged as the weight of the baggage.


We calculate the volume weight of cargo by the following calculation method:

Multiply ( length by width by height ) in cm and divide it by 5000

Volume weight = (L* B * H) / 5000

Eg: Length = a cm

Width = b cm

Height = c cm

Volume weight ( in kg ) = (a*b*c) / 5000

The cargo at our warehouse will be checked for its dimensions and adequate steps will be chosen.


Auk Movers helps you throughout the process of your consignment packing and paperwork, from the initial quoting stage to final delivery at destination. Once the decision is made, the cargo will be sent after your confirmation is on and we make sure the best service is imparted to you however small or big your package be. We want each of our customers to feel the magical service quality we offer making each of our work outstanding and a model work for the cargo shipping industry.

Call us or email us to know the diverse product categories and cargo delivery modes we implement to provide you the best service available in the industry. Get in touch with our team as early as possible for safe excess baggage shipping.

Domestic Relocation

Shifting to a new place is exciting and stressful at the same time. Even if it is just two streets away, the whole packing, wrapping and transportation can be daunting for many of us. Bringing a recognised shipping company on board for domestic relocation can lighten your troubles to a great extent. Auk Movers can be your perfect partner in domestic relocation for a hussle-free and relaxed moving.

Auk Movers offers smooth domestic relocation services through expert employees who carry out the packaging and transportation process real swiftly. From the beginning till end, each stage will be completed with utmost care and precision. Top-notch quality and service is guaranteed to each client leading to enhanced quality delivery. Our boxes are well padded and bubble wrapping is followed in case of brittle items. These steps are strictly followed to improve the customer satisfaction and credibility of our relocation.   

Another attractive feature is the affordability. The rates are highly cost effective and helps you meet the needs without much pressure on your wallet. Also, swift relocation is promoted to make the process easier for our customers. Make your relocation enjoyable and memorable with Auk Movers. 


We offer great domestic relocation services and our major contributions include: 

  • Pre-survey for relocation.
  • Current place to shifting place services .
  • Premium quality of packing materials.
  • Experienced with different packing methods.
  • Customized loading and unloading services.
  • Secured shifting process.
  • Expert monitoring .
  • Warm customer service.
  • Cost efficient moving.

Every service related to domestic relocation is monitored by a separate team who are highly experienced in this particular category. We make sure your move appears seamlessly simple for you without anything to worry. 


We are exceptional in each of our proceedings and undertakings, unlike the rest of shipping providers. What makes us unique is the expertise and experience we put into use in each situation. Our service is widely used for another important aspect – time. We make sure the process is completed in the least possible time. We would not want you to spend weeks for the relocation – the earlier you contact us, the earlier your relocation finishes.


  • Premier packaging 
  • Safe transportation
  • Prompt service
  • Error-free procedure
  • Proactive staff
  • Design innovative ideas
  • Experience in industry
  • Prompt and productive solutions

Get in touch with Auk Movers, the top domestic relocation service providers in UAE, to devise the best relocation plan. Talk to our experts on the current trends in relocation procedures and make plans accordingly. Call us at anytime on:  +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].



Are you in search of cost-effective storage space in Dubai? You have reached the right place. Auk Movers offers secured and convenient facilities to store your personal or commercial goods at affordable rates. We intend to make things comfortable for you and hence provide both long-term and short term storage facilities at our warehouses.  

If you have tried looking for places, you might have already realized that finding a suitable storage space in the UAE is difficult. Auk Movers make sure you are provided with adequate space, depending on the kind of items you need to store. With our shipping services, we cater the needs of fellow business enterprises and individuals to keep their items in secure places at a comparatively low rate.   

Be it household items, furniture, books, work tools, or even your commercial items for sale, we make sure every requirement is met in the most appropriate manner. We are situated in the heartland making the place accessible to everyone in the Emirates. Simply contact us stating your requirement and whatever it is you are planning to store, we make it possible without trouble. 


Storage spaces at low cost is an advantage to any product-based business enterprise. The closer it is, the lower the transportation cost. With a strategic location in Dubai, our storehouses serve best to any business enterprise or individual looking for space. Get to know the various services we offer in detail


If you have the need to keep your products safe and securely, our storage space can be of great help to you. Be it for a small specified time or a for a longer period, the space will be available. Also, you can stock the excess items at our space to keep it safe and without frequent transportation charges. 


Even if you have company space to keep your items and stuff, do not spend the whole area on stocking. Rather, clean up the area, bring freshness to the place and store the items at our place at low rates. 


If you are a person who travels a lot and only needs some space to keep your personal stuff, you are most welcome to Auk Movers storage services. It could be furniture, books, valuable cutlery, or your favourite blu-ray collection, everything will be safe in our space. Do not spend money on costly apartments just to keep your stuff. Save that money and start planning for your next trip. 


Suppose, you need to stay out of the UAE for a year. You cannot afford the apartment for so long without actually staying and so you left it. What will you do with the furniture till you come back? We have the perfect solution for you. Keep your things – your comfy bean bag, the adorable bookshelf, priceless sofa set and all –  at our storage space, without fear of getting lost. We will keep them safe till you are back. 


For over a decade, we are in the shipping business with an aim of providing quality service at affordable rates. Similarly, with our storage space / warehouse service, we intend to make things easier for individuals as well as businesses. 

  • Perfect solution for storage needs.
  • Lending at affordable rates.
  • Meet commercial and personal storage needs.
  • Assured Convenience.
  • Safety and security.
  • Suitable packaging done for items.
  • Availability of insurance.
  • Low transportation rates to anywhere in UAE.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with Auk Movers to know more about our storage and warehousing services. Call us at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

Pet Relocation

Auk Movers realize the importance and requirements of every pet and make sure their necessities are met without fail. Our specialized transportation agents make sure the animal is comfortable and does not feel any trouble during the transportation.

We have been recognized as one of the top pet relocation teams in UAE with our outstanding services in association with the transportation of the pets. The way we handle them, take care of them, transport them, and finally deliver them to your doorstep, everything is unique and with customized pet requirement processes. Shipping a dachshund is different from that of a poodle. So are the fierce pitbull and labrador retriever. Every pet has their own specialties to be considered on planning to transport to another location. 

There are some customized procedures we follow for the safe travel of your pets, like making them individual craters or kennels, which are made in line with the height and width of the concerned pet. We make sure they have enough space inside to walk and sit freely without any congestion. We also provide toys for them to play and feel free throughout the journey. There is another concern regarding the temperature of the surrounding. We take precautions to facilitate the required temperature setting as preferred by the breed you want to transport.


  • Collar and tag 
  • Vaccinations
  • Health check ups
  • Permits validity


  • Import / Export permit
  • Import / Export health certificate

Along with this, the additional documents required by rules governing the destination point are also facilitated. 

We make sure your pet relocation goes hussle-free and without any complications. The whole documentation process will be completed by our representatives in consultation with the customers regarding the personal details. We make sure the records are intact, confidential and free of any errors.  


We value our customers very much. We expect to have a long-lasting relationship with our customers and want to see them with happy smiles. This has led us to give the top customer service to our clients. We run 24*7 dedicated pet relocation customer care centres to wipe out all sorts of queries from your mind regarding the relocation of your precious ones. We can assure you to provide them the top most care and security throughout the journey. We hope to make them feel free and comfortable in all the aspects related, be it health check up, clearance, or travel. 

Relocating your pets may seem overwhelming but we can assure you a smooth and secured relocation. We can assist you with any concerns or questions and if you have any further queries about pet relocation, feel free to contact our dedicated pet relocation specialists at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us: [email protected].


Land Freight

Inland transportation from Auk Movers facilitates end-to-end delivery solutions for both supply chain management and heavyweight cargo. Be it from a seaport or an airport, the shipment needs to reach the destination point, and we implement land freight for the last mile reach in every situation.

We take the responsibility of delivering door-to-door services, making the customer at ease throughout the shipping process. For this purpose, we make it compulsory to provide top quality destination shipment at every work we undertake. Land freights transfer the goods to the nearest warehouses, and from there, they take up the delivery process further.

Many roads lead to pave the way for final land transportation. Along with the cross border land transportation, the final delivery too integrates the inland movement. Be it air, sea, or rail, taking the shipment item to the customer needs the road service to cover the last-mile delivery. Taking into account unparalleled customer service, we have the ability for even most challenging delivery jobs.



Full truckload or FTL freight usually involves the entire container filled with the commodities usually homogenous or to single-point service. Truckload gets its smooth travel through the roads carrying inter-and intra-regional goods. This is faster and reaches the destination without any intermediate delivery points.


In less-than-truckload, the goods you send share the container space with other goods. This is less expensive, but the goods might be unloaded at many intermediate destinations leading to a higher risk of labour handling. Suppose you sent your cargo from Dubai to Riyadh through the land. There might be halts at warehouse centres in Abu Dhabi, Salwa and Al Hofuf before reaching the Riyadh delivery centre. This may cause a delay as well as the risk of handling.


This term most commonly denotes connecting the goods shipped by sea to the rail or road warehouse centres. It is usually a subordinate initiative to an ongoing logistics action for local, regional and long-distance transportation, joining the dots in an intermodal movement.


The concept denotes collecting all the shipment items from multiple shipping companies and sending them together instead of smaller packages sent separately. This helps reduce the cost associated with the shipping considerably and can be utilized even for the shipment of products from multiple manufacturing units.


There are occasions when the shipment needs a particular temperature for its survival and long shelf life. The transit can be facilitated in containers that can set the required temperature for the preferred period. Such containers help our customers send even perishables to a farther location without apprehensions.


Customs Clearance: It needs dedicated professionals who have in-depth knowledge of invoices and certificates required for the smooth clearance procedure. We intend to complete the customs clearance without any difficulty for our customers.

Documentation: We take away your burden of documenting the import and export papers with our specialized team’s help.

Expert Advice: In case you encounter confusion regarding any shipping, we have experts in our team who can guide you clear the issue.

Pays Customs Duty: On behalf of our customers, we pay the duty at borders, helping the customers to experience a smooth shipping process.

Cross Docking: In cases where faster delivery is requested, without storing in warehouses, the cargo is delivered directly.


Land freights of Auk Movers are exceptional in operation mode, and the quality of service offered. What are the top specialties of Auk Movers land freight? Read forward to know our unique features.


Affordability is a highlighted feature of our land transportation making our services accessible to everyone irrespective of budget. We intend to support you in shipping, and so we charge only affordable rates from our customers. Also, the road toll implemented at many places is relatively inexpensive, making land a better shipping option. An added advantage is that the last mile reach is also possible with land freights making it easier for door-to-door delivery service.


We help with uninterrupted supply chain transportation needs. Transportation of essentials has become a tiresome and time consuming process. With the implementation of sophisticated and dynamic logistics software tools, we have made the process a lot easier and affordable. If you ever have tried to truck an item, you would have felt the heat of the situation. So, we help you do the essentials transportation process at a faster and more comfortable manner.


We transport the shipments to the GCC countries and other land bordering countries in the middle east for more than a decade. Among our ever-expanding network, inland transportation services hold a substantial element of authority over other shipping companies for its efficiency and consistent track record. With top-notch performance and expertise, our distinguished services are sure to attract your attention. Our ability to meet the deadlines and estimated time frames have made our journey to the list of top shipping companies smooth and swift.


Whatever the achievement we grab for ourselves, nothing is complete without the ultimate customer satisfaction. We run a 24*7 customer care center that helps you get to know the status and position of your valuable goods at any point in time. This dedicated service has helped us gain our customers’ trust, as every query they had was met with the most acceptable and satisfactory answers from our team employees. The innovative and modern technologies integrated to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction have given us outstanding results in improving our shipping services.

We provide global logistics solutions in the middle-east and around the world in all prime city locations. Land freights are a mode of transportation which is reliable and safe, irrespective of climatic disturbances as against the situations of air and sea transport. Land transportation also offers more stability and flexibility to the delivery system, which can incorporate any unforeseen midway points for loading in or out of cargo. For any further assistance or information, kindly contact us: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

Air Freight

Auk Movers, being a premium shipping company with specialized air freight services to almost all major and minor cities globally, provides on-demand air freight services to deliver your items, be it small or big. We guarantee you the ultimate customer satisfaction, thanks to our perfect delivery system with utmost care for the items and negligible damage aspects. Our logistics team can help you deliver the items locally and overseas with our vast warehouse network around the world.

At Auk Movers, we offer a full range of services, dealing with diverse shipment categories. We help you ship your items to the desired location at reduced time and cost, from heavy weighing automobiles to lightweight cosmetics items. Even in remote areas, where it is almost impossible to deliver, we make a tie-up with local distributors who have proven credibility to help you get the shipment delivered in the expected time itself.

Air freight transporting shipment from Dubai to various locations has been highly demanding and challenging due to the norms and rules in multiple destinations. Still, we help you complete the process and requirement most professionally with our vast service experience in the field. Be it a remote island city or a hilly terrain in an interior location, we fly the goods to the nearest airport and transport them from there through delivery vans in the specified time. There are air routes specially designed for the safe transport movement via airways, and our air freights use these specific air paths for the safe and secured delivery of your shipment.


We make it our highest priority to provide top-grade quality services to thousands of people who need to ship their items to the required destination at affordable rates. Among the multi-dimensional services provided by AUK, some of the top ones are listed below.


To make our customers at ease, we choose to collect the shipment goods right at their door. Similarly, our delivery is also customer-centric, with the goods distributed at the destination of their choice.

We let the customers track their shipment movement and deliver the goods at the preferred time at the destination. These are usually done by transporting the cargo from the airport warehouse to the destination on delivery vans.


As everyone knows, air freights take the goods from one city to another and takes it safely to the warehouse. This cargo is sent to the customer through inland roads that facilitate delivery to even remote areas.


We know the cargo you want to ship is valuable. Keeping this in mind, our professionals take great care in packaging, loading, and unloading the goods you send to transport. We guarantee you secured transportation of the cargo in every situation.


Some goods need special handling for dangerous physical conditions. These hazardous goods will be packed and transported separately and with utmost precaution.


There are items, especially the eatables, which need to be maintained at a particular temperature. Such perishables need to be transported in temperature-controlled containers to keep them fresh.


When you trust us with the precious shipment items, we guarantee you the safety and live tracking system to know its location at any particular time. We can assure you of the shipment item’s status at each stage through the live tracking system. We use softwares that will monitor the movement and share the information right on to your phone, making it just a matter of seconds to get to know your precious shipment location.


Some items are not permitted to ship from Dubai on Air freights, irrespective of how valuable they are to you. Take a glance.

  • Pets or animal trafficking.
  • Vintage asbestos antiques.
  • Physical gold and silver.
  • Hard currency.
  • Firearms and ammunition.
  • Furs of animals.
  • Remains of deceased humans.
  • Precious and semi-precious stones and metals.
  • Illegal drugs and medicines.
  • Devices associated with gambling.
  • Crude Ivory.
  • Plant and its biological products.
  • Food items with pork.
  • Pesticides.
  • Any property whose carriage is banned by regulations in Dubai and the destination country.


Among the many shipping companies offering air freights, Auk Movers put forward service excellence to stand at the forefront of top shipping companies in Dubai. Why do successful and aspiring people choose us to send their cargo? Take a look at the significant reasons.

  • Reliability offered in service.
  • Economical service providers.
  • Lowest transit time assured.
  • Careful handling of cargo.
  • Secured packaging of goods.
  • Customer-friendly delivery.
  • Efficiency to clear paperworks.
  • Strict adherence to rules.
  • Dedicated employees for services.

An important aspect of air freight is the choice of the right service from the right providers. Auk Movers has proved its efficiency in shipping the items through affordable and secured processing to various parts of the world in a time-specific manner. Get in touch with our dedicated team to know more about the documentation and process associated with making the shipping assignment lot faster and easier.