Sea Freight

Confused how to ship your cargo to a far off destination? Why should you take the pain of considering various shipment modes while Auk Movers are at your service to help you right from planning to the final implementation of shipping? Do not waste your precious time thinking about the conundrums associated while you should be thinking of expanding and implementing new business enterprises. You focus on your business and we will take good care of your logistics requirements.

At Auk Movers, we provide sea freight shipping services to most international seaports at diverse geographical locations on the map. If you want to ship a container to some very distant place and you are on a budget, the sea freight shipping will be the best solution in front of you. Among various sea freight companies, we own the top position with our unparalleled service reliability and customer satisfaction.

Over three-fourths of world’s cargo is shipped by sea freights and is considered a highly reliable service for its affordability. As the cargo vessel moves between the different ports, the customer will receive live tracking on their phones regarding the current position of the shipment as well as the next port in line.


True to the name, we cater the shipping needs of the global audience with greatest perfection and at very low base cost. All we want is to get the best deals for your shipment that needs to be met in a short time and to provide the customer a unique experience of shipping. We rely on our long-term customers for our business and your satisfaction is important for us to get going.


This question needs more specificity. Among the many factors, the most prominent one determining the time duration of a specific sea freight depends on the starting location and the destination port. It will be easier to sail from Dubai to Bahrain than sailing from Dubai to Portugal.

To get an estimated time of delivery, one should also have to know the schedule of the ship and the number of ports in the due course before the destination of your shipment. Also, the speed of the carrier vessel should be taken into account for the calculation of delivery time.


Both modes of transport are important and resourceful depending on the requirement and type of shipment you plan to deliver. If you are planning to ship some perishables, land freight will suit you better but if you have a shipment of say 100 Volkswagen cars to be delivered to the USA, then nothing but the sea freight suits you. Sea freight offers you shipment delivery of lower cost compared to other modes. Though it might take a longer time, if you happen to be on a budget, the perfect option will be to stick with sea freight.


There are many factors that determine the rates of sea freight. Usually they are considered multiplying the volume of the cargo intended to ship with the base rates charged by the shipping company, to which the other costs will be added up. The top ones will be mentioned below:

Volume of the cargo – this is dependent on the amount of items you plan to ship.
Fuel prices – as crude oil price per barrel decreases, the fuel price falls down.
Base rates – this is the charge the shipping company charges as the base cost.
Currency rates – with increase in international dollar prices, the rate of cargo delivery also shoots up.
Capacity – when the demand is high, the rates of shipping also increases.
Operational cost – include wages, infrastructure costs, insurance, etc.

Effective and efficient services make a difference in our shipment process compared to the other logistics companies. The items are shipped in vessels with modern equipment and technologies to facilitate GPS monitored location sharing at any particular time the customer wishes.

Packaging is done under the guidance and supervision of industry experts who thoroughly monitors each and every consignment individually. This helps to avoid any instances of improper package handling.

Regarding the shipment, there is consolidated packaging as well as individual personal packaging. In the former, the item will be shipped with other consignments and you will have to pay only for the space and weight you plan to ship. In the personal packaging, a particular space is allocated for you whether you use it or not but you will have to pay for the whole. Each has its own advantage like in the former lesser payment and in the latter, a special place to keep just the items you ship.


Know more about the benefits of preferring sea freights for shipping your goods. Before you decide the mode of your shipping it is always good to weigh the various options you have to make an informed decision.

Affordability of shipping: Compared to the other shipping modes such as air and land freights, sea freights are cheap and affordable for transporting heavy goods for far off locations.

Less maintenance cost: Since the water transport does not involve heavy infrastructure as in case of rail, road or air transport, the rates get reduced making it a perfect choice while in a budget.

Best choice for bulky goods: Sea transport is the ideal choice to transport heavy containers. For instance, over 20,000 automobile cars can be easily shipped from Dubai to Florida at a comparatively cheaper cost. Also, heavy duty items and such goods could be transported without any trouble by using sea freights.

Improve chances of higher forex: Trade with the clients in other countries is always beneficial to improve the foreign exchange reserves. So, by having clients in other geographical locations offer the prospect of higher business opportunities with exporting. This is highly backed by the sea freight logistics service for their ability to best transport the heavy weight shipments.

24*7 customer service: We offer the service of dedicated experts who can assist our valuable customers in tracking the shipment as well as guiding them through the process. 

Effective and efficient services make a difference in our shipment process compared to the other logistics companies. The items are shipped in vessels with modern equipment and technologies to facilitate GPS monitored location sharing at any particular time the customer wishes. Contact us to know more regarding sea freight at: +971 4 238 8070  or mail us at: [email protected].

Dangerous Goods

Have dangerous goods to ship? Worried about the regulations, packaging and safe shipping? Well, you are at the right spot. We are Auk Movers, the leading shipping company based in UAE, with specialized service in shipping dangerous goods. 


Dangerous goods are those cargo items which may cause harm to the lives of people and animals, their health, or damage the environmental conditions. The major categories of dangerous good are namely:

  • Explosive substances
  • Toxic chemicals and infectious pathogens
  • Combustible solids 
  • Gases 
  • Materials with radioactivity 
  • Oxidizing agents
  • Corrosive materials
  • Combustible liquids 
  • Other dangerous goods

Transporting dangerous goods is a risky business and has to be done by specialized employees under the guidance of industry experts. The freights and cargo are required to be labelled and the safety precautions have to be taken in each of the shipping stange. There are fundamental and internationally approved specifications which need to be followed for safe handling of dangerous and hazardous goods. Even a slight alteration from these can cause great risk to many lives and environment. 


Auk Movers offers top-end storage, packaging, and shipping facilities for the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods. Integrating the specifications and challenges, our specialists design the procedures for every dangerous goods we ship with maximum safety. Being licensed and trained to ship such hazardous goods, we have clear superintendence in the shipping industry for our distinguished performance and assured service. 

Our top dangerous goods services include:

  • Consolidation of items
  • Labeling with precision
  • Sea, Air & Road modes for transportation
  • Expert packing & handling
  • Clearing and forwarding cargo
  • Legal documentation
  • Responsible shipping

Adequate precautions are taken in every step and great care is put in the whole process of transportation. Any chances of physical stress or adverse conditions are totally avoided to prevent damages and to ensure safety of goods and surroundings.


These are some important documents required for shipping dangerous goods. The top ones are as follows:

  • Document of compliance
  • List of dangerous goods in cargo
  • Declaration of dangerous goods
  • Emergency response  procedure guide
  • Cargo list report for port authorities
  • Stowage plan by chief officer
  • Container packing certificate

Proper packing and systematically regulated shipping has made the whole process of transporting dangerous goods, a successful venture of Auk Movers. Every undertaking is in accordance with the governmental guidelines and international standards. 


Expertise and experience are the best two words that describe the shipping service of Auk Movers. These qualities have given us an authoritative position in dangerous goods shipping. Get to know more about our style.

  • Dedicated professionals for each stage
  • Strict supervision and monitoring
  • Guidance by top industry specialists
  • Experience of over a decade
  • Periodic training session for workers
  • Updated technology usage for tracking
  • Highly adaptive employees 
  • Proactive work by each team

Do you have dangerous goods for transportation? We can help you resolve any situation related to the dangerous goods shipping. Get in touch with us on: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance refers to the process of getting clearance for an item from the customs department, permitting the import or export of products. The paper works are required to facilitate the easy transportation of cargo to and from Dubai. It is required for shipping motor vehicles, heavy items, personal items, or even essentials for the continuous supply chain availability. The process involves submitting all required documents to the authority for their approval. 

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, customs clearance is a nightmare. The long legal papers and documents may not be easily understood by common people and that is why we, Auk Movers, offers excellent customs clearance services. We make sure the highly complex paper works are systematically handled by our experts without fail. Also, we prefer to do the processing at a fast pace, making sure you get the papers clear even before the expected date. 

With networks around the world, we make sure to stay updated with the legal requirements and proceedings in various countries. This can help us to know which documents are preferred in different countries. We manage to get the permits and sanction from various countries without much delay by online documentation and processing. 


Auk Movers provide effective customs clearance services for individuals as well as business enterprises. We make sure the reports we obtain from customers are in accordance with the format prescribed. In those cases which do not fit the required format, our employees make the changes and prepare the document accordingly. Checking the authenticity and legal background in each case, we make sure all the documents and packages sent are in accordance with the rules and regulations of Dubai. 

Both export and import documentation needs separate documents for customs clearance. Usually, export documentation requires the order of purchase, sales invoice bill, shipping and packaging bill, etc. In the case of import documentation, these are needed from the business enterprise involved in shipment. We help you deal with these legal papers without worrying about rejection. 

Our top customs clearance services includes, but not necessarily limited to, the following set of services: 

  • Standard customs clearance 
  • Export and import clearance services
  • Export and import duties
  • Import and export tax
  • Documentation through online
  • Project shipment clearance
  • Documents demanded by authorities
  • Assistance in license procurement 
  • Shipment inspection and clearance 
  • Free zone documentation

With all these services provided at affordable rates, we assure you to provide quality services every instance with efficient handling of data and organized working patterns. 


Customs clearance is a necessary step for the secured and legalized cargo shipping to another location. We hold a dedicated team to help you with the customs clearance needs you come across. Whether it is a B2B shipment or a B2C shipment, the requirements being diverse, has to be handled with the specialists themselves. They cross check the available information, and get any additional data if needed. Our 24*7 customer care centers can help the customer with any legal formalities related queries. 

  • Robust service
  • Fast processing
  • Consistent work
  • Proficient in legalities
  • Transparent rates
  • Friendly customer care
  • Distinct teams for import & export 

Auk Movers help you ship your consignments to the destination with lowest transit time and highest efficiency. Get in touch with us to know more about our service and join hands with us for a safe and secured cargo shipping procedure. Contact us at: +971 4 238 8070 or mail us at: [email protected].

RO – RO Export/Import

Roll on and Roll off is a unique way of shipping heavy automobiles such as cars, trucks, lorries, trucks, or delivery vans from one location to another. Among the other ways of shipping, RO/RO stands a bit different due to its mode of transport.

While air, rail, road, and sea focus on packaging of items to be shipped, RO/RO relies on just driving the vehicle on to the ship and keeping it strapped on it. You heard it right. No packaging, no prepping, nothing!!!

Roll on and Roll off, just like the name indicates, involves the vehicle placed below the deck in a way a car is parked on a multi level parking lot. Since the vehicles are kept below the deck, they are not exposed to the weather conditions.

RO/RO is highly implemented in both importing and exporting of the automobiles over considerable distance. An added attraction is that it is a cost effective way of automobile shipping as a huge number of vehicles are transported together in a single journey. Most top automobile manufacturers use this method to transport their vehicles to different continents in a cost effective way.

Heavy and high machinery are also transported by RO/RO shipping. In regions where land shipping is not possible, most kinds of shipping is carried out by RO/RO. Roll on and roll off shipping mode is the most dependable shipping method in island countries. The mode promotes the accessibility as well as affordability of shipping in the remote geographical locations.

Roll on and Roll off are specially designed for oversized, wheeled cargo. It can be literally called floating garages for they pack the vehicles on different levels, beneath the deck and move from port to port rolling out the lot. The mode is also considered safe for their successful track record and trusted safety precautions. An important aspect to keep in mind while using Roll on and Roll off shipping mode is to book the slots in advance, depending on the number of vehicles you want to ship. The pre-booking should be considered as the slots will be limited in RO/RO, be it 20000 or 30000, and once it gets filled, it will be difficult for you to transport the vehicle on the required date.


The huge ship with extra wide multi level basement is the highlight of RO/RO service. The cars or trucks, whatever is the intended vehicle to be shipped, is rolled on its wheels to the basement through a ramp attached to the ship from the port. The key will be kept on its ignition, ready to be turned on in case they need to move to a different slot. The vehicles are kept with a strap to the ground to avoid any movement. In this way many levels of vehicles will be set up, just like a multi level car parking garage. The ship moves towards the destination stopping at intermediate ports delivering the vehicles at required areas.

The Roll on and Roll off services are not limited to just vehicles but also carry heavy machinery, army tanks, and such bulky sized items to the destination places. It may have fragile materials, dangerous goods, parcel freights, and heavy international packages. Movers-global make these jobs carried out in ease without putting much effort on your shoulders. We take care of the whole process, right from the door collecting your vehicle or goods, whatever it is intended to transport, and take forward the transportation process step by step, with adequate care and safety in each stage.

Our range of operations are so wide that you can trust us with anything to transport across another location. Each journey we try to transport the shipment in the least possible transit time, making your valuable shipment reach the destination on time.


Every mode of shipping has its pros and benefits over another. How well we analyze the various aspects of the modus operandi of a particular shipment mode gives you the opportunity to choose which one suits your needs better.

High levels of efficiency: Roll on and Roll off shipping services have great loading and unloading efficiency, which uses ramps that can make the process more swift and smooth. It also helps to relieve the duty of the workforce as well as the docking time spent at each port. Since the service integrates the land and water transportation, it makes the operations move faster.

Does not use lifting equipments: Unlike other modes of transportation, RO/RO does not need any kind of extra equipments. Rather, the implementation of ramps are followed for the wheeled vehicles and goods to enter the basement without further extra effort.

Pricing: Considering the benefits of Roll on and Roll off shipping, the price is affordable for the diverse requirements put forward by the customers. The highlight of reduced time and improved convenience has made this an excellent choice for the transportation of wheeled goods and heavy vehicles.

Preparation convenience: The vehicles are rolled on to the basement and do not need to be carried by labourers or heavy machinery. This uses a simple ramp to get the vehicle on the basement and is very convenient to get the preparation done for the shipping.

Auk Movers make shipping by Roll on and Roll off service an easy and pain free task for the customers. With improved efficiency and great usage experience, we have turned out to be a dependable shipping company for thousands of trusted customers. Get in touch with us to know more on how to ship your vehicles and goods at affordable rates.

Destination Services to UAE

Be it vacation, job opportunities, relocation or permanent shifting, UAE welcomes you wholeheartedly in every case and we, Auk Movers, makes your move a comfortable one with our professional moving services. We provide authentic solutions to each of your relocation needs, whether it is the shipping or the customs paper works. 

Our business is built on the rock foundation called customer satisfaction and hence, we handle every moving service to UAE with maximum care and attention, making our customers at ease. Your satisfaction is our top priority and no compromise regarding quality is made in our service section. 

Auk Movers facilitate easy transportation of motor vehicles, excess baggage, your household and office items for domestic and international moving, pet relocation and more with various modes of air, sea and land shipping services.  Every move is a new beginning and we help you embrace your new beginnings in UAE comfortably. 


Auk Movers have a global network of shipping and moving services around the world, which facilitates easy shifting from any part of the globe to UAE. Even in remote areas, we operate through local agents, to make things easier for our customers. 

At origin

Our process is simple – you put an inquiry in our site and there starts our bonding with you. Calculating affordable rates we send you the quotation and once the deal is made, our agents will be at your place to collect the shipping items. They are efficiently packed without any room for damages and stored at our warehouse till shipping. The items will be shipped based on your choice of transportation mode. Efficiency and quality are the best words to describe our services. Experience the joy of carefree shipping with Auk Movers in your next move. 


We deliver the safely shipped items at the preferred address in UAE on or before the estimated date in your convenient time. There is a live tracking system available for you to get updated of the status of shipment. Auk Movers are very particular regarding the contentment of our valuable customers and make sure everything runs in order and with perfection. If you prefer to store the items at our warehouse for sometime, it can be made possible with our storage solutions service, helping customers to keep valuables securely at our place. Also, if you have any trouble with the paper works, our specialist employees will be available to get it done. 


Best service available in your moving process – that is our guarantee. We want our customer to focus on important things and leave the shipping to us. With years of experience, we are proficient in our services and are capable of creating a smile on your face. Get to know why we stand the most trusted destination service provider to UAE. 

  • Highly proactive
  • Efficient service
  • Adaptability to situations
  • Warm customer service
  • Get-things-done attitude
  • Focused planning
  • Evolving solutions 
  • Effective implementations

If you have any further questions, feel free to talk to our specialists. Call us at: +971 4 238 8070 or write to us at: [email protected]

Project Shipment

Auk Movers is the most adaptable logistics company in UAE, working on track with the associated governmental guidance and regulations for the shipping process. We provide top-notch, tailor-made solutions to various project cargo requirements from Dubai to various locations in the world. The millions of products produced in these units need to be shipped to the various locations around the world for sale. The cargo can be of metal products, explosives, appliances, hardware, automobiles, lifestyle products, perishables, or anything. 

Every project cargo shipping company has their own policies and performance standards, so do Auk Movers. Every cargo shipped from its current location to a far off destination land has to be implemented based on a well-designed logistics plan. The course, storage, transportation and delivery stages have to follow a specific well-planned action for the swift running of every project. The smart and innovative logistics software technology we implement makes the project sail smoothly to the final destination.  

Auk Movers facilitate the delivery of diverse project cargo from the current location to the destination. The way of working is strictly in adherence with the rules and regulations of UAE, making each project get the best services in all different stages of processing. We make sure every project cargo shipping is completed in the estimated time itself and without any damage or disturbance to the whole project set up. 

The project items are securely collected and packed from its current industrial location and is prepared for the transportation by following its adequate guidelines. The automation is made such that each and every item is safe and securely packed and with customized measures. The requirement needed in each case is met individually and this ensures the ways of packaging are different for various kinds of items. 


We have dedicated services of air freight, sea freight, land freight, boat and yacht shipping, motorbike shipping, car shipping, roll on and roll off services, lift on and lift off services, float on and float off services, and so on. We make the choices available for our customers and they are given the expert advice and free quotation for the mode of transportation preferred. With the adequate information on hand, our customers can make informed decisions regarding the mode. This power of choice gives them the satisfaction of exercising control in the shipping project. The shipment will need the documents associated and these paper works will be completed by our executives with the details provided by our customers. 

With diverse cargo shipping services, we facilitate easy movement of shipment across the world. Our greatest assets are our customers and their satisfaction is our top priority. We take care of the needs of our customers through our specialized customer care center. Our executives are working at the centers to provide you information about the shipments, be it the location, estimated time, weather updates, or possible delivery details. We also encourage our customers to clarify their doubts regarding the related process and proceedings. 

Our top shipment includes raw material cargo, heavy lifts and machinery, huge pipes, automobiles such as car, motorcycle, boat/yacht, truck, tipper, lorry, delivery van, heavy pieces of sawn timber, logs, marble and granite blocks, containers with grains and cereals, and the list goes on. The cargo is a wide term to denote the various items from heavy machinery to light weight makeup sets. It generalized the shipment of items with a homogenous or heterogeneous nature. 

The cargo shipping is done from the place of manufacturing to the areas of distribution or in case of relocation from one industrial area to another. It also includes helping people relocate, sending their automobiles and other heavy weight items through shipping. In some shipping the cargoes are lifted by cranes and placed on the deck while in some, the automobiles and wheeled items are rolled on to the basement and kept there till they reach the destination. Once they reach the destination, the items are rolled off and taken to the warehouse, which is later delivered to the doorstep of the customer. 


The projects are always handled with great care and attention. Every item is different and needs various approaches to handle. We follow the requirements and provide the service quality higher than the  expected industry standards. 

Our specialist technicians give attention to even minute detailing, thus helping our customers with high-quality, error-free service. Our employees are proactive, making the shipping and delivery process highly personalized. We make sure ultimate customer satisfaction is provided in every project we handle. Efficient work and effective service has made us reach the top ranking logistics company in UAE.

Get in touch with us to know more about the project cargo services offered at: +971 4 238 8070 or drop us a mail: [email protected].